• I live in a big city, I have no life, no home........... and no freinds. My name is Christian. Im 14 years old. All of my family has died, I just stand alone. I live in a cave in the highest mountain of the city, the Star Mountain. One snowy Sunday morning I decided to take walk to the park. I took out out my theremoter, it was 14*F. On my way to the park I decided to buy a warm drink with some of my leftover money I found yesterday. While I was sitting at the table, I noticed a girl with dark hair. She had a few scars on her arms. She was wearing a jacket with some long pants, a long and fat scarf. She was standing their looking at the ground. Then suddenly fell to her knees and started crying. "I wonder whats the matter" I said to myself. I took my hot choclate with me and started to walk towards her. She noticed me and she quickly turned around to the corner. I asked her "Whats wrong?". But she continue to cry. "Please go away!" she said while crying. "Need a drink?" I asked her. "I guess...." as she slowly stopped crying. She turned around to face me, I gave her the warm choclate. She seemed to have drank it all. "Well you must be very thirsty" I said to her. "Thank you for the drink...." She said in soft voice. "Hi im Christian, whats your name?" I asked her. She replied "Im Rose......." I asked her "Why are you here alone, and why were you crying?. She then suddenly just starred at me agian. She kept staring at me with her light blue eyes for about a minute, I started to see a tear in her eye. "Whats the matter?" I said a little louder. She turned around to other direction. I thought for a moment............ maybe it was to hard for her to say. "Could you show me whats wrong?" I asked her. She looked at me agian, "I......um........Ok........." She tried to answer. She finaly got up, "Leed the way" I said. She started walking, I followed. We went out the door in back to the cold snow. We were walking for about 5 minutes. I pulled out my wacth, it was 6:36 am. I put my wacth back in my pocket. I looked back up. Seems Rose hasen't looked back at me. I went a little faster to be by her side, just to let her know im still their. Rose saw me and turned her head to other side. *Does she hate me?* I thought.

    We kept walking for another 10 minutes. We reached Green Flower Park, the biggest park in the city. Rose said "Im a bit tired". She finaly said something. "Comon lets find a bench" I said. We looked around and we saw an empty bench. I took off all the snow off the bench. "Ladies first" I said. Rose sat down, then I did. "When your ready to go just tell me" I said. Rose didin't to much. So I just tried to do something else. I took out my theremoter, it was 16*F. I put it back and took out my wacth, it was 6:51 am. I put my wacth back. I looked at Rose agian..................... and she was smiling.