• Chapter 5
    10 Years After...

    When the Magician said those words Coon felt changed. He had felt this sensation before. 5 years before this he was trapped in a dome with the League of Eternal Ones. A gas had filled the dome that changed everyone's gender and the bottles of Light Power had been destroyed except for one. Coon had gotten that one. He changed back to his normal self and was forced to exile everyone else. That's why he had been searching for them. Coon transfigured into a female body. "Do you like it?" asked the Magician.
    "Yeah," said Coon sarcasticly.
    "Zank you for your kindness, Mr. Coon."
    "No problem, James." James Hatter paced back and forth his room. He didn't know how Coon had known his name.
    "And how exzactly do you know my name?"
    "I've heard of you, you SON OF A B***H!"
    "No time for zat language,Mr. Coon. For zome reson I am very attracted to your new body. I'm just going to say a couple of words and you will too."
    "What the hell do you mean?" asked Coon.
    Right after Coon said that, James Hatter said a spell and Coon felt different. He felt femonine and sexy. Coon ripped off his clothes and walked over to James very pageant like. After that they had a very fun time.