• "Ugh, I'm so tired" I muttered to myself, and rubbed my eyes. I've been studying too late... I checked my phone to see what time it is. 1 A.M.?! That's wayyy too late! Then, I noticed I had no reception. "The heck...?" I said out loud, and looked around me. The streets seemed too quiet, even if it was the middle of the night. This street is always busy, no matter what time of day it is! My mother is probably worried sick about me. I quickened my pace a bit, when I noticed a woman walking in front of me. She looked terrible! She was in her pajamas, which were covered in dirt, and was walking so weird! Her knee appeared to be bent inward, which I don't think it possible, and she was limping, but moving very quickly. I was scared to even breathe, she seemed so creepy. I don't know why, but I was worried about her, maybe she was injured, and looking for someone to help her? I was practically jogging to her, and I tapped her shoulder, asking, "Miss, are you okay?"

    She took a few steps forward, then just stood there. Then, her head turned all the way around, staring at me. Her face was covered in blood, and her eyes were blank, no pupils, but there was blood dripping from the sockets. Then, in a scratchy voice, she asked me, "Have you seen my baby?"

    I didn't know what to do, so I thought about what I should say. Maybe she was like the slit-mouth woman, if you answered a basic answer, like yes or no, she kills you, and you must confuse her to escape. But I couldn't think of what to say. I just turned around and pointed at the school, which was barely able to be seen, as she was walking so quickly. I gulped, and whispered, "Over there..." She sprint past me towards the school, and very soon, she was out of sight. I thought about what to do. I checked my phone again, no signal. I quickly tried to send a text message to my mother, but it wouldn't go through. I turned on my heels and started to run away, when I heard a voice yell, "SHE ISN'T HERE!!"

    I knew that it was the woman... or whatever it was. I ran as fast as I could, never looking back, and listening to that deafening scream over and over, "MY BABY ISN'T HERE! SHE ISN'T HERE! SHE ISN'T HERE!" I glanced over my shoulder to see the creature catching up with me at the speed of light.

    "SHE. ISN'T. HERE!!" it yelled again, and I blacked out there. I was in and out of consciousnesses, only hearing "YOU LIED! MY BABY WASN'T THERE! SHE WASN'T THERE! SHE WASN'T THERE!" over and over. When I was able to see where I was, the woman's terrifying face was there to greet me. "You lied. She wasn't there." she said, and I realized where I was. I was on top of a building, right on the edge if the railing. "My baby wasn't there." she repeated.

    It must have been a skyscraper or something, because it took me like 3 minutes to hit the ground, and when I did, I felt an excruciating pain in my whole legs.

    The headline in the newspaper the next morning:



    This morning, high-schooler Ieath Kagami was found dead at her apartment complex. Her body was mangled the same way and Cho, better known as the Bong-Chong-Dong ghost. Many people think this was suicide, which is possible, but that is just a theory. After examining her cell phone, police found that she sent several text messages to her friends and family, but they were all gibberish. However, police realized they were all the same message: " )(3|_|) |/|3!!", which is "l33t" code for "HELP ME!!" Around her estimated time of death, she was sent a text by an unknown number, reading,

    "You lied. I just wanted to know where my baby was. But she wasn't there. You lied. This is what you deserve."

    Her family are absolutely devastated by this news. If you know anything, please contact the police at 1-800-555-555.

    This call was received the next day:

    Caller: Hello?
    Police: Yes?
    Caller: You know the story about the girl killed by Cho?
    Police: Yes?
    Caller: Well, I may know about it...
    Police: Please tell me what you know sir.
    Caller: Will I be anonymous?
    Police: Unless you want to, do you want to be anonymous?
    Caller: Yes *inaudible mumbling*
    Police: What did you say sir?
    Caller: Oh, nothing, nothing.
    Police: Please tell me what you know.
    Caller: Okay, so I was trimming my backyard when I heard someone scream "Where is my baby?" I hid behind my bushes in the front yard to see what was happening. This creature was standing there, staring at a school girl.
    Police: What did the girl look like?
    Caller: She... she was wearing a uniform with the letters "I.S.A." on the back. That stands for Ichi Seishin Academy, the school the girl went to, right?
    Police: Yes. Did you see any other features?
    Caller: Uhm... she had medium-length hair, it was to her waist, and it was red with black streaks. She had red eyes, and was wearing a lot of mascara.
    Police: Yes, sir, that is the girl. Please continue your story.
    Caller: The girl turned around and pointed to what I think was her school, which was far away. The creature practically sprinted over there, and I saw her fiddling with her phone, then there was a deafening scream, "SHE ISN'T HERE!!" I kinda blacked out there, the scream was so loud. When I woke up I saw--
    Police: Sir, what did you see?
    Caller: HELP!! HELP ME! SHE'S HERE! *loud banging and then a door breaking*
    Police: Sir, please calm down and tel me who you're talking about!
    Caller: *whispering* I-I-It's Cho, she's here to get me!
    Police: Oh my god! S-S-Sir, please tell me your location.
    Caller: *muttering, then a loud scream*
    Police: Sir! Sir!
    Caller: I live at-- *phone drops, then silence*
    Police: Sir.. Sir.. Are you there, sir?
    Caller: *muffled screaming, then the sound of a bone breaking, like a cracking sound*
    Police: S.... sir? *phone drops, and you hear the operator panicking* Len! Len! Send this man an ambulance, he says Cho is trying to kill him!
    Man in Background: What?! *inaudible yelling*
    Police: Sir, we are sending police. You will be fine.
    Caller: *hear the phone being picked up, then heavy breathing* No one will know what happened to that girl until I know where my baby is. WHERE IS MY BABY?!
    Police: I-I-I don't know! *sobbing*

    The man that called was found dead in his house, his knee bent inward like Cho. The operator, the man that took the team of paramedics, the paramedics themselves, and the 5 policemen that joined were found dead in their houses the next day, their legs also bent inward.