• Chaos. That was the only word that seemed to fit the scene.

    Buildings were falling, fires were raging, tinting the smoky sky orange with their rusty light. What few people were left were screaming, fleeing as fast as they could from the nightmare-ish picture.

    Though, one lone figure was emerging from the smoke. A girl, a Cheshire grin that seemed to large for her face painted on her lips. Dark purple eyes took in the scene gleefully as she flicked blood from her blade.

    Before he could, stop himself, Vincent screamed. “Alice!” he cried out. “Alice! Don’t do this! You can’t do this! You said that we were your family, for god’s sake!”

    The girl- Alice, as it seems- turned her attentions to Vincent, all mirth and enjoyment fading from her features and melting into despair.

    “I have to,” she muttered, more to herself than anyone else. “I have to, it’s my Fate. I’m a Catalyst, this is what we are born to do.”

    Vincent could feel the hot stinging of tears building up in his eyes. “No,” whispered hoarsely. “No! You didn’t have to! You could have lived with us! You could have been happy!”

    Alice looked up, her curly black hair falling behind her shoulder. “I could have,” she replied evenly. Vincent noted the change in her expression. In place of the hurt and sadness, there was now a cold determination.

    The Catalyst thrust her blade though his stomach, however, and that determination wavered. Her eyes widened, and tears spilled over and down her face. Vincent coughed, and crimson blood dripped out of his mouth, rust-colored eyes wide in disbelief.

    “I’m sorry,” sobbed Alice. She pressed her mouth gently over his and pulled away, violently pulling out her sword and letting his body fall to the ground.

    <I’ve been having these weird thoughts lately….>