• Hello, I dont know what they doctors told you, but i'm not crazy. Now I know that that sentence sounds crazy which is kinda reduntant, but its true, I'm not crazy. I really honest to God See them. The shades. Believe me or dont, but I swear every word of this is true.

    My name is Vanessa Vale. Stupid huh? You can thank my idiot parents for everything I've been through these past few years. I mean if they had just believed me.......

    But i'm not here to b***h about my parents, i'm here to b***h about the shades. They are formless shadows that wander around in both day and night, but are more powerful at night. They do their best to mess with people and make theirr lives misserable. I dont know why they do that, but they do. Most of all they make me misserable. Because they know I can see them, and they use that to make me look crazy.

    I tried to make it so that I didnt give it away that I coud see them, but I failed at that and now i'm made to look crazy to everyone by the shades. My life sucks. Why me? I wonder that all the time. Why was I chosen, or whatever, to see the shades? I dont think I'll ever know. Still the whole story is stupid, I bet you want to hear it, right? Well it started about five years ago.