• Why does thy forsaken me Mother...I have done all by that which thy have commanded me. Does thy wish of me to perish? For what sins have I not been cleansed by which you curse me with this fate. I seek not to be indulged with riches nor the touch of women, nye do I betray my bretheren no envy my neighbor. So why does thy Mother forsake my soul to this everlasting curse? My cause was for thy Divine hand, to guide me to Paradise where I may be at rest. I fought for my seat in thy Kingdom, and thy Peace.

    As my last moments approached, thy Divine light shone upon my bloody body, enriching me with a power not given to any mere man. As I stood, my body deflected arrows, my skin neither burned nor scathed. I stood tall in battle, my blade soaked in Divine light, blood never staining its edge. And as my bretheren had fallen and been granted their right into thy Paradise, I had not. Thy mother has cursed me....My body hast been en-powered, but my soul has been forever cursed within my flesh and blood.

    I say to thee ,"Why Mother, why has thy forsaken my soul?". Each night I pray to thee, yet only once has thou spoken," My son, Paradise shall not be given, yet earned." Each night I pray, and each night I ponder such words as I rest. Hast thy son not done enough to earn thy Divine right into Paradise?Each day I am given praise and harshness. Fiend and demon are among such words of the un-kind. For not am I handsome, that is not reason for women to adorne me. I am not treated wine and nightly companionship for my appearance, but for other reasons am I given such attention.

    I am believed by many to be a beacon of hope by thy Mother, your right hand, your blade. I am belived to have been your messenger, for I smite thy evil abominations. I am belived to be the bringer of death and mis-fortune to those of dark descent. It is not those souls I have slain for thee that suffer, but thy son who has truly been smited with such an existence. It hast been seventy seasons since thy cursed me, my body not bearing a single scar, nor any marking of age.

    It hast been too long...Too long have thy son been denied Rest... Too long it hast been that thy son hast been denied his Paradise... I shall not take this treachery sitting aside. I will be your blade no longer! I Will fight thy mother for my right in Paradise, even if such sin costs my soul, and forsake me to Hell. I shall not take such injustice lightly. Thy hast denied me long enough, and thy son shall rise aginst thee and all who dare oppose thy son's cause! My blade will stain, and my soul will darken, but by any cost shall I fight back and save that which hast been taken from thy son. Mother...The time for your judgement is closing, thy hast no power against thy son.

    Upon the seventy-fifth season shall thy son invade upon Paradise, and destroy thy soul as thou hast destroyed thy son's. Your time of reckoning hast begun!