• The Dead Little Girl

    It was late October, it was 6:00 pm my friends Bob and Joe to come so we can go to, the haunted house Bob kenw alot about Halloween and other myths on ghosts or spirits.

    Hes sometimes can be pushy and bossy but he can be fun to hang out with.

    Joe is weird and funny at the same times, his part time job is a carpenter so he knows how to use power took.

    They both have spikey hair. My name is Yusof and I wear glasses and im in high school. We were all 17.

    They finally came out at 7:00 pm, I told mom that we'll be out on Halloween.

    All of us were going to the "haunted house" thats what the neighborhood told us about it.

    The house was dark brown with chipped point all over the house, the grass was dead, and the windows were cracked and the moon was covered by a dark fluffy cloud.

    We heard a little girl there, he said she was covered in blood.

    That sent a clod chile down my spine.

    I started to say, "lets go in and prove if its haunted or not," but no in responded.

    Finally Joe said, "yeah lets..."

    We went in the haunted house,when we went in the big brown wooden door slammed on us.

    Inside was REALLY dark all I could see was an old tv turned on ......AHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH.

    It was a scream like if you were getting stabbed alot,then I smelled a funny smelly smell like if someone was decaying.

    I finally could see, my eyes adjusted to the darkness I saw Joe he looked like he saw medusa or somthing...

    Then i heard groaning sounds from out side and tapping noises on the window Bob went to look and said, " Uh guys we have a problem..."

    "What?" I said, " zuh..zuh...ZOMBIES!"

    "What, zombies arn't real!" then suddenly I heard a tap..tap..tap *CRASH* the tapping sound was screeching in my ears I couldnt believe what was happening.

    I turned around and Bob was gone.

    Suddenly, I saw something behind me I looked around and It dissapeared.

    Joe and I were searching all over the house for Bob.

    While we were, Joe and I heard footsteps, first we thought it was ours, then it started running, we felt like it was following us then then we heard a loud drop and a loud scream, Joe and I had to cover our ears, because it was a peircing sound.

    And the right in front of us was a pool of blood, red like a cranberry drink, then stench was so horrible it smelled like a sewer line, then a black figure was in front of us and a bloody cut off hand was floating with a knife.

    We started to run the other way, but when we turned around the little girl was there, we knew this was no dream.

    I jumpd from the stairs and into the basement, Joe did the same right behind me, it was pitch black and smelled horrible like dead bodies.

    In the basement we were trying to get out, so Joe started smashing the wall, while i took a crow bar and started smaishing the wall as well.

    After 2 hours, of smashing the wall, we heard tapping from the outside, it was reapedetly tapping, then we heard groaning.

    Joe found an old rusty chainshaw, and cutting the wooden wall, finally we got outside of the house.

    Somthing starnge few out of the window and headed toward the zombies.

    It looked like Bob, then we saw blood splurting out of Bob, and in his terrifing scream he was yelling, " HELP MEEEE!" we saw body parts fling out like popcorn.

    Guts spilling like icecream but not as tasty looking and way more disgusting.

    Both Joe and I ran for our lives, our hearts pacing, and thanking that we were not dead.

    We were running hoem like headless chicken.

    Not knowing what Bob's parents were going to say or think about this.

    At 5:00 AM, we made it home.

    After that day, I havent heard from Joe ever since... Isn't that true Bob?