• {I made this story out of all randumness because it wont stop raining...}

    "I hate tha rain..." I mumbled as I lookd out the window.
    My boyfriend Jouvan was driving us over to my house so we could study.
    "Why do you hate tha rain?" He askd as he gently took my hand in his.
    "Because its just so...so...dreary." I said sadly.
    He gently squeezd my fingrs. "But it makes tha flowers grow."
    I wrinkled my nose cutely. "And flowers are girly."
    He smiled. "Oh really?" "Yes really." I said finally looking at him.
    He was smiling. But before I could ask him what it was about he pulld up to my house.
    He got out quickly and came around to my side and opend my door for me.
    He held his hand out for mine and I took it. I got out and waited as he pickd up our bags.
    We were walking undr one of tha many trees as he pulld a branch and made all tha water fall on us.
    "Jouvan!" I exclaimd in suprise. He just smiled at me.
    "Oh its on nw." I said playfully. He feignd fright.
    I walkd towrds him slowly until his back was against a tree. His eyes got wide as I stopd infront of him. I slowly leand forwrd and pressd my lips to his.
    He kissd me back and didnt worry for a moment.
    When he gently set his fingers on tha hem of my shirt, I pulld away. He lookd absolutely shockd.
    I smiled evilly and whispered, "You shuld have playd nice."
    I startd walking again. It took him a moment to get out of shock and finally catch up. "That was evil." He told me as he wrappd his arm around my waist.
    I smiled. "Never said I wasnt evil." He chuckled."Good point."
    A few moments later we got inside and trotted up tha stairs to my room.
    "Do you need a dry shirt?" I askd him. He smiled "Yah. Tha tree kinda made me wet." I giggled. "I`ll go gt u one."
    I quickly scamperd down tha hall 2 my brother`s room. I went to his closet and grabd one uf tha button-up shirts I had baught for him and he had never worn.
    I walkd back and opend my door to see Jouvan laying across my bed with his shirt off. I gulpd and opnd tha door.
    He was stareing at a pictur of us and our friends. I accidently trippd on my desk chair while walking over to him so he quickly sat up.
    He smiled and gt up and came to help me up, "You ok Dani?" I blushd.
    I cant belev I did that!!!
    I thought as he pulld me up. He pulld me forword so I was pressd against his chest. Only causing me to blush brightr red.
    He put his finger under my chin and made me look at him. "Dani, were u stareing?"
    "Uhh..."I was tha only intelligent thing that came out of my mouth. He smile got biggr as I couldnt answr.
    He leand forword to kiss me but pulld bakk imediately. I was absolutely shockd. He smiled."You shuld hav playd nice."
    "Damn it..." I said under my breath as I handed him tha shirt. He smiled even biggr as I turnd around and went to my closet to gt my shirt.
    I lookd for a bit and finally found a red tank-top to put on. I went back out of my closet and found that Jouvan had only buttond his shirt half-way up.
    He watchd me as I came out. "Be right bakk." I said as I walk out uf my bedroom and to tha bathroom. I quickly changd and went back.
    Jouvan was already studying with all his books in a stack. "Ugh..." I said and went to study with him.

    ...................................................Tha nxt day....................................................

    When I had gottn to school I had gone straight to my locker. Jouvan was waiting for me with a huge grin pastd on his face.
    I eyed him suspicusly as I opend my locker. As soon as it poppd open a black rose fell into my hands.
    I stared at it then at Jouvan. "See? The flowers grew." He said with a smile.
    I set tha rose gently in my lockr and turnd to him. I wrappd my arms around his neck and huggd him. "Thank you!" I squeakd.
    He huggd me back."Your welcome, but I thought flowers were girly." He smiled as I lookd at him.
    "Not wen their from u" I said just befor kissing him.
    Maybe tha rain is ok...
    I thought b4 falling in2 tha kiss.

    {I hope u all liked it and comment on it}