• Wait u can't come over?

    Yea. My dad said i couldn't go. I'm srry hun.

    It's ok. Let's just try for next weekend.

    I sigh and massage my temples as I sent the last message. I was about to go into the living room to tell Mom that we had to change plans. When I poked my head in, I felt my phone vibrate.

    Nvm, we're on our way

    K let me kno when ur close

    My mom looks over at me after I send the last message to Le, "Is he coming?"

    "Yeah, he's on his way. You don't mind him coming late, do you?"

    "No, it's fine," Mom replied, "You guys won't have as much time as you planned for, though."

    "I know," I smiled as I felt my phone vibrate, knowing the message was from Le.

    I'm here ^,..,^

    K. Im heading to my balcony so u'll kno where to go

    I walk outside to my balcony and see a black truck stop. Le gets out of the back and walks near the door, and we make eye contact. He smiles brightly as I blush from staring into his bright blue eyes.

    "Hey glad you made it," I say sweetly.

    He smiles more, "I'm glad to be here. So, uh... where am I supposed to go?"

    "Oh, just go up the stairs and make a right," I say as I point to the door.

    I walk back to the apartment after Le makes his way into the building. I walk to the door, unlock it, and walk outside and see Le making his way to the door. I give him a hug and we walk into the apartment.

    "Mom, you remember Le."

    "Nice to see you again, Le," Mom says without seeming like she has something on her mind.

    "Good to see you again as well, ma'am."

    I go into my room to grab my Xbox 360, both my controllers, and a few games. Then I head back into the living room and set up the system to play.

    We try to play Left 4 Dead 2, but the first stage was smoky and Le doesn't have glasses, so he had to work hard to focus. After a few minutes, his head started to hurt. We then switched to Tekken 6, and I beat him 11-3. However, when we switch to SoulCalibur IV, Le wins with a landslide: 13-0.

    While playing SoulCalibur, I look over to Mom in the dining room and I see her with an unusually toothy smile; I grin at her.

    "Watcha smiling about, Mom?"

    "Oh, I'm not smiling," She doesnt even look to me.

    "Then what are you doin?" I ask, a little worried about her answer.

    "I'm just gritting my teeth."

    Those words hit me like a punch to the stomach. I look over to Le and he slumps down into the couch, obviously upset as well. I hold his hand tightly and tell him to look at me, "I know that was hard to hear, but we can pull through; she'll trust you eventually."

    Le looks up at me with the most sad sparkle in his eyes as his blonde hair falls in front of them, "I know, but it's getting really difficult." he squeezes my hand, "But as you said, we can and we will pull through it."

    I smile slightly as his confidence returns, "You wanna play one more round before we eat?" Wrong question: he beat me again.

    We eat some stuffed crust pepperoni pizza before we had to hit the road to take Le home. During the car ride, I had to sit in the front as Le sat in the back. I reached back and we held hands, and I kept looking back at him. I looked away, blushing as he caught me staring. I look outside the window and felt Le staring at me as I thought back to our first kiss.

    I was over at Charolette's house for a weekend and Le met with me at her house. When he had to go, I walked him outside and we talked for a few minutes.

    "I wish I didn't have to go so soon," Le says as he holds my hand

    "I know, but we'll see each other tomorrow, hun," I reassure im with a smile.

    "Yea, that's true. I can't wait," he smiles sweetly.

    I smile back happily and just as sweetly. He points to te middle of my chest, "And no matter the distance, I'll be here in your soul; as you are in mine."

    I hug him tightly and rest my head on his chest. Le chuckles and grabs my chin to bring my head up so he can look into my eyes. "I love you, Jasmine."

    "I love you too, Le." And with that, our lips met. It seemed like the world around us disappeared, and it was just us, holding each other as close as we could. The feeling of our lips moving in harmony was overwhelming. I wrapped my arms around Le's neck as he placed his hands on my hips. Right when we were both enjoying the kiss, Charolette's dogs started barking, and i jumped, slightly startled.

    Le chuckles again, "I suppose that's my cue to leave."

    "I guess. I'll see you tomorrow, Le. Love you," I brush his slightly curly hair fom his eyes.

    "Love you too, Jaz," He smiles and puts his hand on my shoulder as we turn to go our way, "That was amazing by the way."

    I smile brightly as I turn to watch him go, knowing it wasn't just me who felt that energy.

    We pull up in front of Le's house, and I get out of the car, letting him out. We look into each other's eyes again.

    "Would you like to come in?"

    I look to Mom pleadingly, "Please, Mom? Just for a few."

    "Alright," she says, with an unenthusiastic tone.

    We go into Le's house for a few minutes and we met his two dogs and cat. His pets really liked me and wouldn't leave me alone. We said a quick hello to his dad as he was getting ready for work. Then Mom and I got into the car and headed home.

    I got a story for Nina Monday, I thought to myself with a smile.