• “I come from a very faraway place, a different universe as a matter of fact. Where I’m from it was the year 3152 when I was born. The world was just a bunch of separate nations in a constant struggle for power. When I was ten I witnessed the world become one as the Peacekeeper brought us under one flag.
    “For another five years the world stayed peaceful and as the last years passed the peacekeeper was murdered. My brother took control and the skies grew dark as airships destroyed towns and cities. Since then I had been fighting my brother as the leader of a resistance group named The Peacekeeper’s Army.
    “Just a month ago, my brother captured me while I was trying to infiltrate hi main stronghold. He held me and tried to make me give up the rest of the army, but I never broke.
    “What I didn’t know is that he knew of my special ability. I can travel through time, but in a special way. Not only could I travel forward and backwards, but sideways too, through different dimensions.
    “While I was imprisoned by my brother built a machine that could harness my ability. After he had finished he pushed at me, trying to get me to escape. I knew he had a trick up his sleeve but I had no idea what it was. One day I escaped through time and ended up where you found me.”
    “Why is your brother so mean?” Clarice asked.
    “I don’t really know. When he was younger he was so peaceful that he wouldn’t even think about hurting a fly. One day he just started pushing me and my family around.”
    “Mom, can he stay?” Clarice turned toward our mother.
    “As long as he needs.” My mother replied
    Clarice turned back towards Connor, “My mom says that you can stay.”
    “So, she’s your mother?”
    “Earlier you said that you weren’t completely human, now I see what you meant. Can you tell me about this world?”
    “Sure. Where do you want me to start?”
    “I’m going to bed,” our mother said.
    “I’ll be back to check on you tomorrow.” Flare said, and then left the room with our mother.
    I sat in my chair and watched as Clarice and Connor talked. After a few minutes I drifted off to sleep and dreamed of pain, torture, and a war between brothers.