• I woke up to find my sister fast asleep on the floor. Connor was asleep too.
    I got up and went outside to do my chores. As I was washing the dishes I heard the door open and close. I went around the house to find Connor staring at the treetops.
    He pulled the small bar from his back pocket and pushed a small button that was on the side. A metal blade slid out of the bar in his hand.
    As I watched he started to swing it around. After a while her turned and noticed me and put the sword away faster than he had pulled it out. So fast that I could barely see his hand move when he did it.
    “How long have you been standing there?” he asked me.
    “The entire t…time” I stuttered in reply.
    “That long?”
    “What are you doing out here anyway?”
    “Ch…chores. You?”
    “Needed some fresh air.”
    “‘Kay” I started to turn back to the dishes when Flare shot out of the forest.
    “Into the house” she screeched as she ran by.
    “What’s with her?” Connor asked.
    “Inside.” I told him.
    “Get inside.”
    We ran into the house after Flare.
    “Come out with your hands up!” a voice called from outside.
    “That’s either your police or my brother.” Connor whispered.
    “We only want the boy.”
    “It’s my brother.”
    “Boy?” I asked him.
    “I’m only fifteen. In my world I’m still considered a child.”
    “What?” Clarice blurted out, “here you become an adult when you get your first Pokémon.”
    “You have ten seconds to give him up.” The voice told us, “ten…”
    “I vote to stay.” Connor said
    “Fifty.” I said
    “What?” Connor asked
    “Th…there’s fifty of them,” I told him.
    “I so need a new plan.” He whined
    “Take Clarice into the tunnels” I told my mother
    “Any new plans?” Connor screamed.
    “We fight” I answered as Clarice and Mother left.
    “Got it.” Connor said
    “Ready?” I asked.
    “…One!” Cans flew through the windows and started spraying a gas into the house. I tried a Safeguard to protect us but the gas got through.
    The people broke down the door. They were wearing some kind of mask. When they saw me they stopped, I could fear their fear emanating from them. This would usually get me mad, but I already was. They had broken into my home and attacked my family. I was going to tear them apart. I charged straight at them.
    They tried to get away from me, tripping all over each other. I crashed into them, sending them flying at least three feet into the air and landing all over the place. I looked around and saw Flare and Connor running out of the house, coughing.
    Three of the men tried to sneak up on Flare. “Behind you!” I warned her, then she spun around and kicked the men in the face.
    “Nice kung-fu,” Connor said, “Now it’s my turn.” He pulled out the metal bar and the L-shaped thing. “Katana,” he said as the blade appeared, “and ray gun.” He pulled a trigger on the ray gun and a blast of green erupted from its point, making two people fly over the trees. He then cut down a third with ease.
    We were fighting for whoever knows how long when I heard screaming from the house. I turned to see some men dragging my mother and Clarice from the house and into a metal cage.
    “Charlie, Flare, help us!” Clarice screamed.
    “I’m coming!” Flare yelled, running toward them. The men then knocked her down with a net. By the time I had helped her out of the net they had already put Mother and Clarice in the cage, hooked it up to a truck that I had not noticed before, and started to drive off.
    I started to chase after them but Connor blocked me, saying “stop, you can’t save them now. That cage is made of pure Incutantum. It’s completely indestructible.”
    I watched as they disappeared into the forest. My mother and sister were gone.