• Hey, I'm Jordan Walsh I'm 16 and a tomboy. For those of you who are too stupid to know, a tomboy is a boyish girl who doesn't really care for girly things like dresses and lipgloss. We'd be just as happy letting a monkey fold our clothes as a 'Princess' would be with an apprehensive slave folding hers. My definition for “princess” is one of those popular girls at school who thinks they know everything, keeps applying lipgloss every three seconds and listen to like Akon, Hannah Montana (still!), Beyonce, Jonas Brothers (again, still!!!!) or Leona Lewis.

    What is with people like that? I listen to cool artists like Linkin Park, 3 Doors Down (going out of style and most people are like “who?”), Shinedown, Trapt, 3 Days Grace, Green Day, and Fall Out Boy. Kinda iffy on Paramore, but I like a couple of their songs.

    Anyway, I also like a style of cartooning called “anime” its Japanese and not everyone likes it, but I guess that makes me special ^^. I also read manga, a Japanese comic book that reads backwards- perfect for a lefty like me- and is black and white. So while other kids are spending their allowance on stupid things like prescription meds to get high, I'm trying to buy manga whenever I find one that catches my attention, like Vampire Knight. I saw a piece of flair on facebook that said:
    “Manga: my anti-drug. 'Cause when you're addicted to manga how could you possibly afford drugs?”
    I liked that one, as well as ones that had to do with writing. Thats another thing I love, writing. Why else would I be doing this? Though I normally write fanfictions. Again, definition: a story about a show/movie/game where something happens that never actually did that you thought up.

    I was talking about something before that, wasn't I?............... Oh yeah, the manga I'm reading. Vampire Knight, its set at a boarding school with two separate classes, one for the day and another for night. And the thing is, the night class is full of vampires! But I like a vamp in it thats in the day class. Zero Kiryu, orphaned at the age of 11 by a pure blooded vampire named Shizuka Hio who was taking her revenge out on the Kiryus for killing the guy she loved. I just feel bad for him sometimes, dunno why, just do. I eventually resorted to reading it online since its rarely available near where I live, and I found it at Wal-Mart. Really strange since the only manga they ever really keep in stock is Naruto.

    I'd love to cosplay. Definition: dressing up like and pretending to be a fictional character and doing crazy stuff in front of a camera to put it up on Youtube for everyone to see. Sadly I don't have any costumes or make-up to do so, or a Youtube account for that matter. So for now I'm stuck role-playing online, pretending to be someone you're not and having the character do stuff like making make it or break it decisions and they're not even in the position to be doing that, or having the most unlikely pairing work out. Like Sam and Gibby from “iCarly”.

    While I'm writing this crazy, random stuff about me I'm on my way to a new home in Miami, Florida from one in Boston, Massachusetts. I don't have an accent though, so sorry to all you fans of Boston accents, the bad thing to me is that I had to leave all my friends behind and the Boston creme pies. But the good thing is that, maybe, I'll be walking around one of these days and pass a location where C.S.I:Miami is being filmed and end up in the background! I'd die!!!! Horatio Caine is epic!!!