• I panted and pulled away. "Wait. What if someone comes in?"
    He chuckled. "They gave you the key to unlock they door, didn't they?"
    I nodded.
    "And you still have it?"
    I nodded again.
    "Then there's nothing to worry about." He chuckled and kissed my neck.
    I gripped tighter onto his shirt. "But I left it slightly open." I said trying to push him away.
    His warm, wet tongue ran across my neck.
    I shivered and closed my eyes, trying to keep from making any embaressing noises.
    He kissed my neck again. "I clossed it so no one could desturb us."
    "Aren't we going too far? I mean... I sort of work here... and... I have a class going on!" I said pushing against his chest.
    "Your just making excusses, teach. I bet you really want to stay, but somethings scaring you. What's scaring you?" He asks pulling away.
    I don't know why, but I began crying. Something inside me broke. It just snapped. I think I even heard, in fact... maybe it echoed... I was just too caught up in everything else to pay attention.
    Ushio sighed and hugged me tightly. "Fine, fine. Go ahead and cry. I can wait."
    I sobbed and covered my face with my hands. "I'm sorry... I didn't mean to do this... I don't why I'm crying... I really don't..."
    Ushio kneeled down, peeking through my fingers, trying to see my eyes, but it was too dark to do so, so he only ended up looking like an idiot to me. "Let me see your face, teach."
    I shook my head. "No. And it's teacher! Not teach!"
    He grined and nodded. "Yeah, yeah. I get it, I'm a dumb student. Now let me see your face. Please? I'll give you a kiss." He said as his grin widened.
    I swallowed and felt myself get hot.
    He chuckled. "Wow. I didn't think that would actually work. Your noisy crying stopped."
    I pulled my hands away and glared at him. "Oh! And when you cry it's quieter!?"
    He grined and looked into my eyes. "There you are, teach. I was wondering where you went. I wouldn't see you." He said softly.
    I sniffled. "Huh?"
    He stood up straight and put his warm hand on my cheek again.
    I felt my cheek tingle.
    He kissed my forehead. "I can't stand not being able to see you, especially when your right in front of me."
    I blushed and looked at the floor. "I see..." I jumped, suddenly remembering something. "Hey! How did you figure out where I lived!? Come to mention it, how did you know they only have one key to the math resource supply room!?" I growl.
    Ushio grined and put his finger on my lips. "Sh~. They'll hear you and get suspicious." He whispered.
    I growled at him.
    He chuckled and kneeled down again.
    I felt something wet slid against the skin on my neck, causing me to gasp and cling to his shirt.
    He chuckled. "Don't tell me you've never had your neck licked before."
    I glared at him. "And if I haven't?"
    He grined wickedly.
    I blushed. "What's with that look?"
    "So, your significant other never touched your neck before?" He asked still grining.
    I shook my head. "No... She was always focusing on her work. We never got to... fool around that much... and when we did it was only for about an hour or less..."
    Ushio stood up straight, looking confused. "Then... how did you make Juko?"
    I swallowed hard, tears threatening to form in my eyes. "We didn't..."
    Ushio seemed lost for both words and thoughts.
    I shook my head. "It's nothing important. It's over with so we should just leave it in the past." I say trying pushing past Ushio and heading for the door.
    Ushio grabbed my sleeve and pulled me back. "No. Your upset about it, so obviously it's important. What's wrong? What do you mean 'we didn't'? Juko's adopted?"
    I didn't turn to glare at him or scorn him, I hung my head and felt tears run rapidly down my cheeks, feeling like boiling water against my hot skin. "No..."
    "Then what do you mean?" Ushio asked.
    I sobbed and covered my face with my free hand. "I wasn't being a good husband... I wasn't good to my wife. I didn't live up to her expectations... So she went with someone else that did... and then she came back with news of her being pregnant... I knew it wasn't mine... So I questioned her... and she kicked me out. Screaming 'how dare you question my love!' and 'I pay for everything you have and this is how you repay me!? Questions and doubt?' But when she came to my door step nine months later with Juko, I didn't want her, I wanted nothing to do with her. I didn't even want to see her." I say. I had never told anyone this story. I had usually been ignored by everyone, they had all gone to my ex-wife for the story and all ended up taking her side in it. So now I was hated by a lot of people...
    Ushio sighed. "You wanted Juko."
    I nodded and sobbed again. "That's all I wanted."
    "Why?" Ushio asks.
    I sniffled. "I don't know... He didn't look anything like me or his mother, h*ll he didn't even look like the man she was fooling around with, so maybe there was a third man involved, I don't know..."
    Ushio sighed. "So you wanted him because... he was..." He blinked. "Help me out here, teach."
    I whiped my nose. "I guess I just wanted him to give me something to do... But now I think of him as a real son... and would do anything to keep him safe and to keep him with me... that's why I agreed to your offer. So you could protect him. Well, that and to keep you in class."
    He smirked. "I see."
    I sniffled and whiped my the tears away. "I feel stupid for crying. Only an idiot cries in front of his student..." I growled at myself.
    He chuckled and ran his fingers through my hair. "Your harsh on everyone, even yourself, aren't you?"
    I glared at him. "Oh, hush. I treat Juko with more respect then anyone else this will ever recieve from me."
    He pushed his body against mine and hugged me tightly. "Oh? Is that what you think?"
    I blushed and tried to push him away. "Ushio!"
    He kissed my forehead.
    I pushed harder. "Get off of me, you brut." I hissed.
    He laughed. "So mean."
    I glared up at him, looking right in his eyes.
    He put his hand on my neck and pulled my face closer to his. "Are you going to break our bargain, or are you going to keep it? I don't mind which ever you choose." He said grining.
    I swallowed and felt my face get hot. "Fine... but... don't take it too far... Remember, I do work here."
    He laughed, almost seeming to make the whole room shake. "That's what makes coming to work more fun, you get to see and remember where you last banged a student."
    I felt something inside me flip. "Don't say stuff like that! That's... that's just... innappropriet talk for school." I growled.
    "Then is what your doing appropriet for school?" He asked teasingly.
    I gasped and felt my face get hot. "Oh god... I'm breaking a huge law... I could get in big trouble for this... and if they catch you you'll be put in prison again-."
    He chuckled evily. "So what?"
    I narrowed my eyes. "Don't just say that-!"
    His warm lips ran into mine before I could finish my lecture, or even my sentence.
    I melted and clung to his shirt, my eyes closing, my heart racing, my thoughts fogging and fading away from me.
    He smirked against my lips and pushed me against the book shelfs.
    I gripped onto his shirt tighter.
    Quote me on this okay!?
    "If your shirt rips it's my fault." I panted.
    He laughed. "What are you planning on doing to me, teach?"