• In the distance, I could hear him calling my name. But no matter how hard I tried to run after him, no matter how fast I would go…he was always ahead of me. Looking back, smiling. As if he knew I couldn’t catch up, and this was just a normal game of tag. But what he didn’t know is that I loved him.

    Chapter One:

    “Can I talk to you?” I asked Zach. My soon-to-be ex boyfriend.
    “Yeah, go ahead my smookie.” He said in return, leaning in for a kiss.
    I stopped him with my hand and then looked deep into his eyes.
    “Alone?” I pleaded, for all his friends were gazing at us. The smile disappeared from his face and he got up immediately, I dragged him along then stopped under a shaded tree.
    “I-I-I-….” Deep breath “I don’t think we should still be together if I don’t have the same feelings.” I said, looking down. I didn’t want to see the painful look in his eyes.
    “So…then…you’re breaking up with me?” He asked, his body leaning towards mine.
    I looked up and saw that he had no expression on his face. It was blank.
    “Yes, yes I am.” And, I could finally let my breath out. He wasn’t as stupid as I thought he was. He leaned in really close to my face, then his hand reached out towards mine.
    “Are you sure you want to do this?” And he pulled my body onto his, breathing on my neck.
    I pushed him away, and I could feel the tears stinging my eyes. “I’m 100% positive. I can’t even stand you touching me anymore.”
    This seemed to reached deep down into his core, he turned so I couldn’t see his face. “You’ll regret this, breaking up with me. You’ll regret it.” And he walked back to his friends.
    I was…free.

    “What did you get on the Mile?” My best friend Victoria asked, she was out of breath and I was already at least 2 minutes ahead of her.
    “6:45, why? What did you get Ricky?” That was my nickname for her, for some reason I can’t consider her a girl. Even if she does have cup C boobs and a better figure than me. She was just too cool to be a girly girl.
    “Ugh. 7:50. Don’t worry,” She gasped for air “I will catch up to you Ice.” I loved the way she said my name. It was if she whispered it, and only we knew why that is my nickname. Isabella Cornille Coronado., but I prefer Ice.
    “You say that every month. But I always zoom ahead of you.” I say with a silly tone, letting her know I was just joking. But before she could continue, our band teacher walked into the door; late as always.
    “Class, class. Calm down. Now, what’s the damage? Who is absent?” She asked, calm, while pushing the loose hair out of her face. She was the youngest and prettiest female teacher I have had—or at least I can remember.
    She took attendance and Bryan, the guy behind me—whom I had the worlds biggest crush on, but he was going out with Ricky—started twirling my hair, the way that makes my scalp tickle. I turned and smiled at him, and he smiled back. His almost yellow, but light brown eyes sparkling.
    “Ice, I heard you dumped the scum bag Zach. Hip Hip Hooray for you!” And he started rubbing my back, the way that makes my heart speed up and flutter.
    “Yeah, now I can finally go back the way my life was without sex here and there.” I said, laughing. He laughed too.
    That’s one of the many things I like about Bryan. He actually isn’t perverted but isn’t 6th grader immature. He was like the neutral way, he could make you blush with perverted jokes but yet still have that whole cracks-up-when-someone-gets-hurt thing. I smiled without hesitation.