• Kunoichi Syndrome Origins
    Chapter 3: Tenderness

    After lunch, I ran to Room 7. My eccentric friend, Kassie had already grabbed my folder for me. Everything becomes blurry for me. The final bell rings, Itachi swiftly snatches me takes me to his raven black Lexis. He prods me into his car. Itachi smoothly maneuvers out of the school parking lot and onto the road. He takes me home, where my mother sits outside, enjoying the fresh air.
    “Okaasan, tadaima!” I greet cheerfully. (Mother, I am home.)
    “Okearinasai Ashley. (Welcome home Ashley).” My mother says. “We have company. The Uchihas are new to the island. Their eldest son already drives.”
    Itachi parks in the next driveway. He greets my mother, introducing himself. Mother, my Itachi, and I proceed inside my house. A noise upstairs alerts me to my room. I take my belongings upstairs to my room to find a boy rummaging through my stuff.
    “Sasuke, dude, quit going through my sister’s stuff. She’s going to kill you!” My little brother hisses.
    “Am I supposed to care?” Sasuke asks.
    My little brother’s face turns pale the moment I grab my bamboo kendo sword. I swiftly and silent move towards Sasuke. I point my sword at his torso, his beating heart near the tip of my blade.
    “Ten seconds. Start running. Ju(10),ku(9),hatchi( cool ,shichi(7), roku(6), …” I snap. “…go(5),shi(4),san(3),ni(2),ichi(1), zero.”
    Sasuke acts as if he is unphased by my sword. Sasuke pulls out my wooden katana in defense.
    “You b*****d! How dare you raid my room!?” I yell.
    Sasuke steps back defensively. A perfect chance to strike. I seize opportunity, forcing Sasuke to give back my katana, and then quickly shoving him out of my room. My little brother laughs at Sasuke as he walks down the stairs in shame. Nothing is out of place, except for my prized photo of my Medical Ninja Academy graduation ceremony. That is continently missing.
    “Sasuke Uchiha!” I scream. “You’re dead!”
    Tears flood my eyes as Itachi walks in with an ominous cloud over his head.
    “Ashuri-san. Doozo. (Miss Ashley. Here you go.)” Itachi says softly handing me my prized photo. “There’s no need for tears, naïve child.”
    “Arigato Itachi-san. (Thank you Itachi.)” I sigh.
    Itachi pats my head and ruffles my hair. No one ever gets away with it except for my parents and Granny Tsunade. I make it certain.
    “Don’t pat me on the head.” I snap.
    “You’re naïve, koohai (underclassmen).” Itachi says with a familiar big brother tone.
    “Only Brittani-sempai (upperclassmen) calls me ‘koohai’!” I pout.
    “No need to pout with me.” Itachi says tenderly.
    My cell phone goes off at an unconceivable time. It is Granny Tsunade with something urgent. I answer without hesitation.
    “Tsunade-sama, nan desu ka? (Lady Tsunade, what is it?)” I ask.
    “Major A-rank assignment. I need you to investigate the Nakano Shrine. Please bring someone with you.” Granny Tsunade states.
    “Did something happen at the Nakano Shrine?” I ask softly.
    “Yes. A top squad of ANBU Black Ops disappeared last night. I had them trying to retrieve a mysterious scroll.” Granny Tsunade answers. “I need you to find the missing ANBU squad and get that scroll.”
    “No problem.” I say confidently.