• "What is it Sasha?" sad Billy,the leader of the group."The zombies are into the trap of fake carcuses and now I think we are ready" said Sasha.Robert came in and said "I have set the TNT next to the cars before they saw me and we have enough to take get to the end of the street befor any other zombies appear" and chuckled with a laugh.With a straight face on Billy he said "Fire it" and Sasha said "3...2...1...Fire!" and blew up the car and the 50 zombies.Drew and Adam cam in with their Shotguns and AK47 and said "Lock and Load...Macy is up on a rooftop sniping for us".Billy grabbed a Katana and Chainsaw while Sasha grabbed a M16 and a small pistol.

    They ran out to the street and ran into the end of the street shop.Macy came in and said "I scoped out a humvee that we can hotwire and get to the hospital.They will extract some supplies there and also will give us a chaingun which will be helpful until we get to the private jet".Billy said "We must get to the private jet or at least get some way out of Manhattan" with a studdering voice.Macy went out and threw a grenade and ran back inside."This will give us a road block for now until we reach the humvee" said Macy.

    They ran out and saw a Gravedigger which was a zombie with big claws and huge muscles.It ran quickly to them but Macy Jumped into a car and Hid.When it got to them Macy shot it and killed it.Billy said "Macy and Sasha...see where there is a pathway on top of the buildings and get that humvee...Drew and Adam...get to the abandoned attic at the museum and shoot the zombies.I will be there and need somebody to help cover me while we shoot.We all know that is where the most Killers are.Killers were ike hunting zombies that jump high,walks fast,and kill the most people.Macy and Sasha scoped out that humvee and got to it.Drew and Adam Got into the tower and called on the walky-talky "I am here,ready?" and MAcy called and said "Humvee is in place".Billy ran into the street and no zombies were there.He ran to the humvee with no interuptions by any zombies.Sasha said "Look!Its them,they are following the heli to the hospital for supplies".Drew and Adam came out and they heard a scream from a screecher.A screecher was a zombie that alerts intruders that are there and doesnt kill anything unless disturbed.A Killer came out and jumped on Drew.Drew shot it with his Ak47 and pulled it off without a scratch."Lets go" said Billy.

    They drove to the parking lot of the hospital and went down to the elevator.Moans filled the air and the elevator stopped on the 19th floor and they needed to get to the 20th floor.Billy opened the door and cut up some zombies with the chainsaw.He ran to the cafeteria and lookd at the map.They needed to get through the barricade and into the other side to reach the stairs.A Runner came up and attacked Billy.A Runner charges at you and attacks you.He threw a rock at the windown and climbed out.He scaled they all and go to the Main Offices room.It had a Killer and a Screecher in it.There was a hole in it so he threw a grenade and killed the Killer and before the Screecher died it let out a ear-piercing screech and moans filled the air.Zombies broke windows to get out of the room to the sidewalk.They all ran in and shot the zombies.They barricaded the window and went to the staircase.

    They got to the rooftop and the heli just arrived.The pilot said "Hop in and we can get you to safety" and smiled.They were all filled with relief because they would escape but a Killer jumped in the air and pounced on the pilot.The pilot screamed and died.Drew shot the Killer and retreived the supplies.Drew gave Adam the chaingun and said "You have workied with this before so you can get this".Billy put the food and first-aid in the back pack he had and said "Now to the airport so that we can leave.Drew said "What about the heli" and Billy said "Could drive too mush attention like it did last time.Thats probably why it came and killed the pilot".Now they had to get to the other side of Manhattan or receive death.