• Jerome:Mark!,Behind you!.
    Mark:Holy (Got Hit)
    Alice:Mark!,Jerome take Mark to safety okay!? Ill cover you!
    Jerome:With Pleasure!
    Johnson:I'll take out the plasma cannons!Wait a minute the building who's that!?
    ???:Go just fight ill snipe them!
    Johnson:State your name Spartan!
    John:I am John-117 and this is a suicide mission Johnson go back to base ill take care of this!
    Mark:-In pain- that.....that's the the chief.....
    Johnson: Pelicans here get in go go go!
    John:Ill take care of this infestation once.....and...for all.
    ???:Looks like this so called John-117 found my playground eh?Well let us teach him a lesson he will never forget!
    John:Come on Grave Mind Fight like a man!
    Grave Mind:I am no man I am a God
    John:You so called Grave Mind you are not a God you are just some filthy alien who rules people you have infected!
    ???;Well i am they're God and you are just a lowly mortal.
    John:I'm no mortal......I am John-117!