• Immortal Bound
    Part 2
    Written By: Zetsura
    Story By: Pheonix of the Ice

    Hii stared into the mirror, her eyes narrowing on the reflection before her. She was a fairly beautiful girl, with sandy brown hair, and eyes that shone green, like a fairly polished emerald, with an iris of gold. But even so, Hii frowned; she reached down to the bottom drawer, lifted her glasses, and placed them over her eyes. Once again, she stared into the dusty mirror, and smiled with pleasure.
    “One more thing!” She exclaimed as she began to pull her hair up with a hair band. “Ta da!” She quickly darted out of the bathroom and ran into the living room, freezing as breaking news appeared on the morning broadcast.
    “To all citizens of Fortress city, the 79th order shall take place, as of tomorrow morning, and it hereby states that all Lesser Beings are to be hunted and killed, no exceptions. Those who oppose the law, and aid any of the Lesser Beings will be arrested immediately.
    ‘Any who apply to be hunters shall be rewarded by the king, himself.
    ‘Signed, The Fortress City Royal Guard.”
    Hii gasped aloud, and dropped the coffee cup that she held in her hand. “What?”
    Hii is a young woman, 19, raised within the towering walls of Fortress City. She lives alone, like most women at age 19, in a small, two story house.
    Ever since she was a child, Hii was told stories of the battles between Vampires and Lycans, how they fought through their everlasting generations. She realized now, that she had grown to love them. Her parents didn’t know, but Hii had met a Lycan, once. His eyes were a bright gold, and his hair brown. He had small cat ears poking out of the top of his head, and sharp claws protruding from the tips of his long fingers. He was tall and thin, with a beautiful face that Hii would never forget.
    He had told her his name, but she forgot, with the many years that enveloped her since that day. If he, or any other Lycan, were to die… She wouldn’t be able to bare it. Though it was many years ago, and she was young, she had sensed an attraction to this teenage boy, one that made her feel as though she were connected to the rest of the race.
    She bent down and flung the cabinet doors open, revealing a large chest that she had shoved under the sink a while back. She reached for the key that dangled around her thin neck, and plugged it into the small in whole in the front, center of the chest. Her hand quickly pushed the top up as the key clicked, and one large shelf folded out. In it was a large clothe bag, folded up and shoved in the corner, next to it was a box of jewelry, and empty water canteen, and a thin wind breaker, all of which, Hii grabbed.
    She shoved the box back into the cabinet, shut the doors, and locked them, quickly, before beginning to pack.

    There it was, the door. Hii stared at it for a while, running through the remaining options in her head. On the other side of that door was a world of unknown insecurity, and definite struggle. Tonight, she’d become a fugitive, breaking a few laws in the process of her ‘great’ escape, and she wasn’t sure if she was willing enough to tarnish her perfect record.
    In the midst of her second guessing, Hii thrust her hand at the door, and forced herself to turn the knob and push the door open. “There’s no turning back, now, “she whispered to herself as she stepped out into the dim moonlight of the rainy night. “Rule number 1; out after curfew, broken.”

    The city had remained the same for years, ever since Larshas III became the king in place of his uncle, and his deceased cousins, a misfortunate event, for the King’s heart was not where it belonged. Certain laws were placed to insure that each citizen could bend to his will; Curfew at 10, exiting the city only during approved holidays, and citizens must stay within their classification sections, unless otherwise approved. These simple laws help to bind the people to his will, trap them in an artificial world, and this… this is where Hii was raised, under the rule of Larshas III.

    Hii slipped through the dark alley way, swift and silent like. She was careful to avoid the patrols roaming around the city, often forcing her into tight spaces between two houses, which always left her with a looming sense of claustrophobia. More than once, Hii had to stop and duck for cover, watching as guard patrols crawled through the dark alley ways. There were moments when she could hear the breath of the closer guards, rising and falling, flowing in an out, misting, resting on their rough cloth, and clicking metal.
    The laughter from the guard posts filled her ears as the bitter smell of beer wafted out from the small windows. Hii chocked at the smell, she had never really developed a taste for alcohol, what with the strong, dry taste, and the overwhelming waves of nausea afterwards, it never seemed worth all it gave.
    She jumped at the sound of a motor as she neared the Cargo Alley, which separated the middle class and lower class sectors, its long, winding path appearing before her as she grew near. “And here comes rule number two; entering separate classification sections… broken.” Hii smiled as she whispered this to herself, and continued to stalk through the dim moonlit streets.