• I fell out of bed and ran downstairs. My sister,Kate, was making breakfast. She said "You can make it in time." I assumed she was talking about school. Since her school started after me it was easier for her to wake up in time. I took some toast and my bag and ran out the door and yelled to Kate "Thanks!" Halfway to school my phone beeped. It was mom, her text said 'K I have a business trip for 2 weeks, your dad will be home this afternoon.'
    I closed my phone and hurried to school even faster, surprisingly I made it in time. I met up with Sara on the school steps. She was half awake and her long silky brown hair in front of her face. I looked at her and said "Sara, put your head up you look like the grudge". She woke up immediately and nodded, we walked into class and got a seat. Mr. Harson was fun to be with he always kept us awake unlike other teachers. He came in smiling and then threw a ball at Sara and said "Wake up pip'squeak". She blushed and put her head up again.
    Class flew by quickly. The all popular and snobby Mina came up to me at my locker and said "All alone at home again I heard, your 'rents must really hate you" I rolled my eyes and walked away. She pulled my arm and yelled at me "What's the matter. cat has your tongue?!" Sara came up and yelled at her "QUIT IT!". You could see the fire in her eyes, did I mention she is like me but the only power she controls is fire. Mina rolled her eyes and asked Sara "What you have nowhere else to be loser?". That was it when she messes with my friends I get pissed. She was still holding onto my arm. I froze her arm. She screamed everyone turned to look our way and then she yelled "STOP IT!". Sara said "'Kay" she broke off the ice but made her hand burn. I used earth to crash through the floor. By then someone came and got a teacher, it was Mr. Harson.

    We got sent to the office and the Mrs. Jeffer the principal yelled at us "What the heck were you thinking girls! Unvealing your powers! Your lucky to be in this normal school! I have no choice to transfer you girls over to Northdale Academy. Goodbye"
    Our mouths were gaping.
    We went home and together early and told our parents through text.
    A car had already came for us to go to Northdale.

    To Be Continued~