• Zanon's eyes traced a long scar which trailed down the left side of his body in the the full-length mirrorof his bathroom.

    From just under his left eye, down his cheek and over his heart, then coming to a stop at his waist, this scar held his entire life. His poisoned memories of she who had created it. Everythingthat the former angelwished to forget.

    Genevive trailed a finger down his cheek, smiling sweetly.

    "I heard your mission went well. So James really found her?"

    "It appears so," he murmured. She pulled him into an embrace, running her fingers through his dark ebony-blue hair.

    "At this rate you'll finally have your title too. And then we won't have to keep our relationship secret anymore."

    Zanon frowned at her words. She was always worried about her standing. She never cared about anything besides being the best. Just what he wasn't.

    "What's wrong?" she whispered, kissing his jaw. He pulled away from her.

    "Nothing. I need to rest I think," he mumbled. She scowled.


    Zanon splashed his face in cool water. Why had he ever been born an angel in the first place? They were cruel creatures. The fellow demons he lived with now we much kinder. Like Liesel. He smiled a bit.

    That wore off soon, though, when another memory of the blonde angel he used to love passed through his mind. He glared at the scar. He didn't want to remember.

    Blood gurgled up in his throat, and pooled on the ground around him.

    "Genevive, how... could you?" he spoke just over a whisper.

    She cackled, circling his body with rapier in hand.

    "I was using you, you fool. A simple pawn was all you were to me," she snickered as she bent down on one knee infront of him. She gently lifted his chin and placed a chaste kiss on his lip, "You could never have been good enough for me."

    How he wished to bring her down with her. It was his own fault, though. He should have know better than to think he was suited for her. It had always been hinted at. He felt a twing of pain in his heart that hadn't been caused by the wound.

    He laughed bitterly when the phrase he chose to live by crossed his mind. He wished he had followed it.

    "Carpe Diem, Carpe Noctem," he murmured. Genevive glared down at him.

    "What did you say?"

    "I will kill you," he hissed, "It's a promise." A peal of laughter tore from her throught.

    "You're to weak."

    Zanon ran his had through his hair, smirking.

    "Lucky for her, I just so happen to keep my promises."