• Sparrow circled around Leon's desk. The two of them stared each other down.

    "I'm thirty-five years your senior little girl. Do you really think you can stop me when even your mother couldn't?" Leon questioned.

    A sly smirk formed on the girl's face.

    "I'm not like my mother. I'm going to tear you and your goddamned orginization apart from the inside, out," she murmured lowly.

    He reached out swiftly to get a hold on her arm but she jumped out of his way just before he could grab her.

    The door to the office crashed open and Vincent, Cameron, and Jafar filed in, blocking her only exit. A pained look crossed Vincen't face when he saw Sparrow but she only glared coldly at the men.

    "You see Sparrow, you can't escape. You can't do anything. You don't even have any weapons," Leon stated monotonously. Sparrow's smirk never faultered as she was lead from the room.

    Leon frowned. He wasn't please by the fact that he didn't frighten her. And the smirk on her face did nothing for it either. She could just be pulling his strings and bluffing but...

    He picked up the phone on his desk.

    "James, get up to my office, I have a job for you.... This one is much more important than that.... Okay, good. goodbye."