• ~Prologue~

    Monday, the worst day of the week, after my one day off, I had to return to the place that taught all the wrong lessons. Yeah, they taught us math, and science, but most of all, they taught us hate. The halls are filled with signs promoting the murder and torture of the Blues. All my life, I’ve been told that the Blues are dangerous, burdens if you will, to society. I never have believed that they were actually the horrible demons they are described as, how could a person run a mile in the time it takes to wink? How could a man be as beautiful as an angel, if they weren’t real?
    As I dress, I see myself in the mirror, still bruised and healing from the week before. I had decided to dye my long blonde hair a deep purple, the second worst rebellion towards The Public. On my way to school three men from The Public grabbed me and stuffed me in a car that was parked near them. As they drove, I was asking the same questions “Who are you,” and “why am I here?” They took me to a familiar building, the one my father took me to every year, on take your child to work day. A building once called The White House. Scared enough as I was I almost peed my shorts as they led me through to the most feared room, simply called The Room.
    I can’t even think about the rest without crying for the merciful arms of my mother, so I shove it to the back of my head and work on my supposedly contented smile. As soon as I get the mandatory uniform skirt on, I hear my mother screaming. I run downstairs to see what happened, but only see a tiny mouse.
    “Mom, what are you trying to do, give me a heart attack at fourteen?” I ask as I gently pick up the scared little creature.
    “The Public said that woodland creatures are a sign of evil, so evil is in our house now!” Mom said.
    “Mom, it’s a mouse. People keep them as pets.”
    “Yes, and are dragged to The Room! I know you know what that is like.”
    “I have got to go now; don’t want to be late for my Schooling.”
    As I step outside I set the small mouse down and watch him scurry off, I wish I could do the same. I run to catch up with Sammi, my best friend and I am greeted with a quick kiss from my boyfriend Jace. I gently caress his bruises and stare at his blue hair. He dyed his hair navy-blue, and was calmly dragged off to be beaten, so we would match. I tried to make them stop, I was the one kicking and screaming, but he told me he would be fine. The next time I saw him he could barely open his beautiful brown eyes, they were so swollen, and he was barely able to walk without a limp.
    “We’ll be late,” said Sammi, as she grabbed me by the shoulders.
    I look at her sly smile, and see a sign promoting even more torture, torn in half, looking kind of like an “S” I knew that it was her way of rebelling. Everyone knew that she was different, so she rebelled differently. I call her a modern day MLK, we learned about Martin Luther King Jr. in one of our Ancient history lectures, a non-violent protester for African American rights. Not that it’s an issue any more, now it’s blue eyed rights to fight for.
    “Welcome students, to the Harold B. Carroll Schooling office, you have ten minutes to get to your first lecture.” Said the robotic voice as we walked onto the campus.
    “See you in Blue History?” said Jace
    “Sure, I just love learning to hate people with blue eyes.” I say.
    I walk with Sammi until we get to the science room and she leaves me alone saying: “Just wait, we’ll change it, no one will hate the Blues in a few years.”
    I truly hope so, because life has always been hard on her. Poor Sammie, born a rebel, accidentally of course. She has to wear yellow contacts to hide her “blemishes”, her beautiful blue eyes. The big thing with The Public is that they hate blue eyes; anyone with them is automatically banished for rebelling to a huge island once known as Africa, now known as Forbidden Territory.
    Sammi having blue eyes used to be the hardest secret I had to try and keep, and boy was I lucky.