• Chapter 60
    “That’s wonderful!” Molly cried jumping up and down happily. “Wait? You ditched school to ask me that?”
    Edan rolled his eyes, “It’s not like it’s anything I haven’t already learned. Now will you help me or not?”
    “Wait! First I have to remember it all! The day my foster brother came for my help and assistance!” Molly said drawing her hands in front of her face as if wiping something from her view.
    “I can leave you know,” Edan griped giving Molly the hate filled glare that siblings tend to give each other.
    “Awwwww!” Molly coed ruffling Edan’s black singed hair. Edan snarled baring his fangs and changing his eyes ruby red. “Alright,” she alleged holding her hands out in front of her. “Just come right out and say it, won’t be hard. I mean were vampires for heaven’s sake there isn’t anything we can’t handle! So just come on out and say it. It will be magical!” Her brown contact eyes twinkled.
    “I’m leaving.” Edan stood up and started to exit the room.
    “Wait!” Molly called grabbing his arm. “I’m sorry it’s just that I’ve never had a brother or a sister before. And I got excited when you came to me for help; I felt I was fulfilling my duty as the big sister in this situation.”
    Edan sighed; for once he got the feeling of someone looking out for him. He never had an older sister, he was always the oldest and was looking out for his siblings. But now he had Molly wanting to look out for him.
    “Don’t be so grumpy!” Molly continued, as Edan snarled again. “And cut that out I find it kind of awkward.”
    “Shut up Molly.”
    “Nope!” Molly smiled happily as Edan shifted his eyes to a brilliant yellow color. “Do not go there with me. I don’t want you using your freaky Host stuff on me.”
    “Then shut up,” Edan threatened.
    “Ok, relax I was just looking for some fun I could sink my teeth into,” Molly smiled baring her fangs. Edan rolled his eyes. Molly ruffled his hair again as Edan angrily pushed her away. “At least we know we fight like siblings,” she laughed. And of course once again Molly felt that she was just fulfilling her job as the big sister.