• Chapter 7: The Journey Begins

    Mikabi Port
    (No Time for this Chapter, It’s a Filler)

    We walked down through the streets, everyone just minding their own business. However, I noticed that JC looked rather melancholic. I wanted to help, but I think I would only make it worse. We already got off to a bad start. Us trying to kill each other and all. We walked a bit further, then I noticed Solstice walking toward where I was. He spoke, “Hey, Kyo, JC seems kinda down, do ya think he’s alright?” I replied, “He just misses his sister, I suppose. I know I miss Kari. And then there’s Amy… But enough about that” I spoke quickly to switch topics, I already knew I was blushing, “What about yourself? You seem kind of uneasy.” He looked to me, then to Vivi, my Icy-Blue fox, Then said, “Between you and me, I feel uneasy around animals. By the way, what’s up with the ears and the tail?” I though quickly for an excuse, then it came to me, “Well…. I’ve grown rather attached to them.” He looked at me for a moment, then smiled and said, “You’re a strange guy, Kyo, but I think that’s what people like about you.” He slowed his pace, and caught up with JC. I thought to myself, ‘Amy, Where are you?’ Amy was my sister that I knew. Kari knew our brother, Kit. Amy was a very petite girl, she was also rather shy. She was about my age, and she was Kit’s Twin sister. And for a girl, she was gifted with amazing strength and stamina.

    We continued to walk ahead, when I felt somebody very light jump on my back, I thought it was Vivi, but she normally climbs onto my shoulder. So, I looked up, and I saw none other than my twin sister, Kari, her ears perked up, which meant she was happy. I was shocked. “Kari, what are you doing here?!?” She spoke in the most cheerful, optimistic voice ever, “Hey Kyo, What’s up bro? I got bored, so I decided, I wanted to help you. Can I come with you? Please? I can hold my own in a fight.” My training allowed me to do many things; espionage, assassination, deception. However, there was one thing I couldn’t do. I can’t refuse my sisters. Kiki also seemed to have that effect on me... I sighed and said, “Alright, you can come with us. But you have to be careful.” She hugged me tightly and said, “Thanks, Kyo! You’re the best!”

    As we walked ahead, I asked, “So Kari, do you know how we can get home? Not the home in Yumi, our actual home.” Kari thought for a moment then spoke, “Do you mean Mikumi? Yea, I know how to get there. Why? You feeling homesick?” I spoke, “Not really. We need to find Lena’s sister there. And... I miss… Miku” Kari smiled a bit, then spoke, “Aw… Kyo, you like Miku, don’t you?” I blushed slightly, and quickly said, “Um… No, it’s nothing like that, it’s just… She was a good friend of ours and all. And besides, she was a great fighter, I’d like her to join us if she will.” Kari began to play with my hair, then said, “Anyway… Mikumi lies to the east across the Sea of Harumi.

    We still continued to walk ahead, Kari still playing with my hair, when I heard somebody behind us. “Arg! I hear ye be seeking passage across the Briney Blue.” I looked behind us and saw what appeared to be a pirate. However he appeared to be a pirate only in speech. The remarkable thing about him was the two Falchions he carried on his back. He looked to be about 20 or so. I kept up my guard. “And if we are?” I spoke. His eye gleamed, “Because I might be willing to take ye. If ye can pay.” I didn’t know if we could trust this brigand of the seas. However, it wasn’t me who answered; it was Kari, “Yo pirate-dude! Me and my brother want to know if it’s possible to get to Mikumi.” He looked puzzled for a moment, then laughed, “Har, I like your spunk, lassie. Tell you what lad; if ye and your sister want to go home, I won’t stop you, However, I know you can’t afford the trip, so I’ll make you a deal. If ye’ll join me crew for the journey, I’ll drop the charges. Take the rest of the day to prepare. We leave at dawn. By the way, they calls me Captain Gordon Roberto, But you can call me Cap’n.”