• Chapter 21: Today Was That Day…

    August 2 1990 7:30 AM
    Kari’s House

    I awoke to sunlight coming through my window. Today was an exciting day, the day I finally started school. I couldn’t wait. All my stuff was ready. I heard Mom call from down the hall, “ Kari, time to get up for school!” So I got up and got dressed. I was wearing a white T-Shirt, and a brown skirt. My pink hair was tied into a ponytail. My yellow eyes were adorned with a pair of rimless glasses. I was wearing a pair of yellow socks under my white shoes. I looked in the mirror. I was a perfectly normal 5 year-old girl… Well, except for the fact that I had Cat ears, Fangs, and a tail. I would be going to Mikumi Elementary. I was worried, “Mom, what if I can’t make any friends? What if they laugh at me.” Mom looked at me with a smile. “ Aw… Why would they laugh at you? You’re my beautiful baby girl, Kari.” I pulled at one of my ears. Mom went to a closet and got a cap. “Here, wear this.” I put it on and looked in the mirror. The cap covered my ears. I ran to Mom, hugged her and said, “ Thanks, Mom. You’re the best.” And with that, I left for school.

    August 2 1990 9:00 AM
    Mikumi Elementary School

    It was 9:00. On our first day, it was a day to meet other students. I had made a couple of friends. I looked around the classroom and at either side of the room, there sat a girl and a boy. Both of them were alone. One was reading a book, and the boy was wearing a cap. I walked over to the girl with the book, and cheerfully spoke, “ Hi! Um… My name is Kari Star. What’s your name?” She lifted her amber eyes from the book, which were adorned by a pair of black glasses, and spoke, “ My name is Yuki Higashi…” It was then that I noticed how thick the book was, “ So…Whatcha readin’?” She looked up, still expressionless, “ A Study in Hydro Physiology and Its Infrastructures.” It dawned on me, that I had no clue what that was. “Heads up, Kari!” I heard from behind. A boy missed a thrown football and it came at me, and as I raised my arms to catch it… I knocked off the cap. People instantly noticed. There was a pause. Then… they began to laugh. I could feel tears welling up in the corner of my eyes. I rushed out of the classroom as I cried…

    August 2 1990 10:00 AM

    I ran to the playground. I continued to cry. I had thought of finding a place that would accept me. I then noticed that the boy with the cap had followed me. He was wearing a red shirt and a pair of blue jean shorts. I looked at him, beginning to wipe away my tears, “ What do you want?” I asked. He simply answered, “ To be your friend…” He removed the cap and I was then aware that this person was actually a girl. After she removed the cap, I could see a pair of ears. Except, her ears… were that of a dog. “ My name is Miku… Miku Biangekiu”

    Little did I know that this meeting would spark a life-long friendship with Miku. Some time ago, Miku told me of her older brother Kohaku. He went to train to become stronger. His reasons for his strength are unknown, but, I heard that before he left, Miku and Kohaku got into a verbal altercation. Kohaku raised her after their parents died shortly before she began school. That’s why she was so sad and shy when we first met. I only met Kohaku once, at the Entrance ceremony. Shortly after Miku came to comfort me, Yuki came out there as well. They became two of my closest friends

    It was shortly after this that mother told me to protect Kyo. She also told me of the prophecy. However she couldn’t figure out ‘The Star who was not a Star.’ I took it to heart and have pondered it to this day. And I finally know who it is, It was referring to Miku.

    A Girl of Angelic Power
    A Boy of Dark Might
    A Boy of Vulpine Speed
    A Girl of Vampiric Stamina
    A Girl of Lilithian Allure
    5 Children of Star Blood
    Raised in Separate Houses
    3 of Light, 2 of Dark
    And 1 to betray the Light
    Unless aided by The One
    The Star who is not a Star
    She alone holds balance
    Once the traitor has played his hand
    Then 3 of Light and 3 of Darkness
    The fight of the Elements shall begin
    Just as it was fought 5000 Years ago
    Then the Dark Lord, Zetsukyo shall reign
    Unless stopped by The 3 of Light,
    However, only 2 Stars will survive the fight…