• The Legend~

    Legend is that a level ten Pyrokinetic (fire user), Aerokinetic (air user), Cryokinetic (ice user), Electrokinetic (electricity user), Geokinetic (earth user) and Hydrokinetic (water user) will be able to help the Drake agency stop NightDust, but because these users only come around once every so and so generation they are extremely hard to find. Will they be able to find these users? More importantly, what side will these users take?

    Seven Years Before


    I always thought my life was, simply, good. Even though I had no real family alive; I still had the Drake Agency where I was among people like me. But I was still alone in that world because I didn’t have a power after the prime age, which was considered abnormal or, ironically, a freak. The doctors said it was ‘because of the trauma of seeing my parents die’, but I didn’t think that was the case. I didn’t know the reason behind my non-power status but I was over my parent’s death.
    All the teachers tried to see which power I was best in. One tried to get me to use telepathy, thinking that I had great mental power, but that didn’t work. Another tried empathy and that didn’t work either. It was the same for all the other teachers. They were all disappointed but that was just ego getting in the way.
    It didn’t matter either way; there was already a great diversity at this agency and it spread all over America. The Drake Agency was an organisation that trained people who had rare and unique abilities, or super powers in a child’s mind. There were grades, or levels, ranging from one to ten but some people were known to have powers that were off the scales. Landen Drake, the founding family head, was the Commander of the Agency and a level ten Seer; his family had started up this place years ago. My grandparents had helped them create it.
    The duty of Commander always, always, given to a Drake. Noah Drake, the youngest of the family, was the Commander’s son and a very powerful telekinetic. He also happened to be my newly discovered boyfriend.
    I really –
    I snapped out of my little day dream when I heard voices coming down the hallway. Oh, no. If someone catches me out of class, Seth will kill me, I thought.
    I gathered up my music, art and library book, and got up to head towards the family room doors. Unlike the other children here, I was still going to a normal high school, kids with powers tended to drop out once they got their power. I stopped because the voices were coming towards that door.
    “s**t,” I mumbled under my breath. I spun around looking for another door. None.
    I scanned the room again but my eyes stopped on the closet near the corner. I silently cursed my bad luck but I had no choice. Lightly running towards the closet door, I slipped inside and crouched down on the far side. I left the door open a crack so I wouldn’t get locked in.
    I only had a few seconds to prepare my breathing, the door was thrown open and it hit the wall with a giant clang. I flinched, bad mistake on my part but it gave nothing away; the people were too busy talking, luckily.
    “Geez, open the door wide enough, won’t ya?” Brody said.
    “It doesn’t matter, no one will hear it,” Dean said with a wave of his hand from what I could see.
    What were they doing here? Why were they out of class? Wait, it was them. When were they in class! This group of boys were always slacking off and ditching training for more ‘adventurous’ things. As the Vice Principle of the Student Council, I was always hearing about their antics and poor attendance records.
    “Guys, guys, will you be quiet? We’re not meant to be here,” Jamie said. What was Jamie doing hanging around them? He wasn’t anything like them, he was nice and gentle. He didn’t like breaking the rules, so why was he doing it now?
    “Shut it, we came to look for that book. Why don’t you start searching?” Noah’s strong voice came from the other side of the room. I couldn’t see him from where I was hiding.
    What was Noah doing here… With them? He had one-on-one sessions with a personal trainer. How’d he get out? I frowned after I thought about it. He never ditched class for me…
    “Why are we looking for this stupid book anyway? It seems pointless,” Chuck said.
    Chuck…Now Noah was hanging around him! For the love of God, I was going to question him about this later. Chuck was one of the worst guys I knew, he was such a dickhead to everyone; to every girl he ever dated, to the elders and even to his friends. You’re typical type of egoistical bully.
    “Because we want to know more about NightDust and Darren’s power, remember?” Noah said, agitated. “Since no one will tell us anything,” he added quietly.
    “Whatever,” Chuck answered. He had probably flipped Noah off because I heard a low growl but I didn’t see it.
    There were a few movements, like they were throwing things around. I realised that since they were looking for something, they might look in here... Actually there was a high probability that they would. My eyes widened at the thought. Oh, s**t.
    “I can’t find anything, what about you?” Jamie asked someone.
    “Nope, me neither,” another boy answered.
    “Well, this is boring…” Chuck said. “What about we talk about something?”
    “Oh right, genius. What should we talk about?” Zach asked sarcastically. “You’re winning personality?”
    “Ha. Ha. Ha” Chuck said dryly. Ignoring Zach, he went on. “Well…What about Noah’s little girlfriend?” Chuck said and I stiffened.
    He wanted to talk about me? Why did he want to do that? He shouldn’t want to, I hated him and he knew it. He hated me too, I hadn’t held back my disgust for him nor had he held back the annoyance he felt towards me.
    “Excuse me?” Noah said, surprised.
    “Your girlfriend, Tory, is it? She’s pretty hot, nice body, and I was wondering how good she was in bed?” Chuck said. I could imagine the way he was smiling; evil and extremely cocky. Just makes you want to wipe the floor with his face.
    “I don’t see how it is any of your business. Do you want to keep looking?” Noah said, voice deadpan.
    “Nah, this is a good conversation,” he said back, there was the sound of a chair scraping along the ground. “Just want to know so when you’re finished with her, I might give it a go.”
    I gritted my teeth; if I could actually see this guy, I might punch him in the face. But I kept quiet and listened for Noah’s next comment.
    “Please. She doesn’t even like you,” Noah snickered.
    “Oh, trust me, I’m really good in bed,” Chuck said.
    “Seriously, ask her if she wants to sleep with you, I’m not stopping you from trying,” Noah said, still in a deadpan voice.
    “Noah!” Jamie exclaimed, sounding as horrified as I was.
    Chuck snickered. “Oh, you uncaring b*****d.”
    “What?” Noah said. “I don’t care, just stop bothering me.”
    I froze and my heart squeezed. Excuse me?! My inner voice screamed.
    It felt like someone had stuck their hand into my chest and ripped it out. I was crushed and felt empty, like my soul had left me. I couldn’t hear the guys anymore and I started to hyperventilate; it became hard to control my breathing.
    I noticed Jamie look at me through the crack in the door, he was the only one I could see and he probably knew that I was there the entire time, his face was sad and gentle but it didn’t help.
    There was a pause and the silence dragged on, the only thing you could hear was my heavy, erratic breathing as I tried not to sob.
    “Is that breathing? Is someone else in here?”
    I crushed the books to my chest as if they were my life support then I suddenly felt weak. I leant back against the wall, trying to wrap my head around what had just happened.
    I... I... I don’t know… Know what… Why… Would… I… I–
    I suddenly fell backwards as if there was no wall there. I barely kept my scream in; I was in a dark hole. I hit the side with a clunk; it was metal and made my shoulder hurt. Someone had built a secret tunnel and some kind of trap door. I tried to get myself the right way up I could see that there was a light at the end of the tunnel; it looked like a normal, everyday household light. As I came to the end of the tunnel, I finally screamed.
    I flew towards the ground with my eyes closed, screaming.
    But instead of hitting the ground, I hit something soft.
    “Ooof,” I said as I landed awkwardly on my back. My books went everywhere having let go of them inside the tunnel.. I slowly opened my eyes and looked around.
    I was in the girl’s dorm room sitting awkwardly on one of the beanbags. I frowned, why would someone build a tunnel to the girl’s room? I looked up; there was a round ceiling vent above me that was slowly closing like nothing had happened.
    I had suddenly forgotten about Noah like it was left behind but now, it had caught up. I felt horrible, tears started to come into my eyes. No, I won’t cry, not here, not now. But I couldn’t help it, it hurt so much.
    I hiccupped and wiped the tears away from my eyes but new ones just kept replacing the old ones. I heard footsteps and didn’t stay to see who it was. I collected my books and ran.
    I shut myself in my room, slid down the door and let it all out.

    Hours later, I lay curled up on my window seat. I had tried to let it all out but it just didn’t want to leave. No one had come to see me, no one had sent for me and even if they did I wouldn’t have answered. I’d gone through the stages; endless tears, anger at myself, anger at Noah and now I felt cheated. I tore down all the photos that had him in them, shredded them and crushed all the jewellery he’d ever given me. It didn’t make me feel any better.
    I sighed and my phone went off. I got up to check it; my hair was flat on one side from laying down. I didn’t care. I looked at my phone and blanched. Jamie. A flash of his face from before went into my mind. Sad and gentle. It brought tears to my eyes again. Shaking my head to get them away, I looked at the message.

    Tor, we have night watch together. I guess u really don’t want to talk right now but u will have to sooner or later.

    Night watch with Jamie, had I died and gone to hell? Yes, yes, I had.