• It was the day of Naomi and YZ's marriage. I talked to Naomi about what has happened. She told me,"My father has closed a deal with YZ's father. It was a deal of money. We were to be given 500 million dollars, If I agreed to marry YZ." I said,"Tell me more." she continued.." I felt like my father sold my life for so much money.." I comforted her and on exactly 10:30am, Wedding bells rang. I re-did her makeup and we together went out the limo. I waited .. and there she came through the aisle, In a Japanese Kimono. She had a cherry blossom on her ear, that fell down immediately. She fainted in the aisle, on the day of the wedding. we rushed her to the most close hospital. She told me she was sick, and she told me how madly inlove she was to YZ before something happened. she told me YZ grabbed her with full force and gave her a Hard handshake and then she puked blood. Since then she was sick, and only one thing will cure her. -- a medicine all the way from Canada. I searched through my med cabinet and gave her what she needed. She felt well, and he cermony was still on. There, they got married and had 1 kid, named Michael.


    We visited the Philippines, then I saw Marcus.I greeted him and he said sorry for not being able to attend my wedding. He told me he was sick with Pneumonia and three days after, he was better. We went to Boracay, then a few days, we were back in Toronto! whee I saw the twins and their twins. Soon, my twins graduated and then Trevor went across to the other side (Meaning heaven) And soon, I will.
    My next journey will done by my daughters, and on and on...