• I have always been hated. Girls hate me beacuse of my looks. Guys hate me because of my brother. I had no parents, I was raised souly by my eldest brother, Mikey. He was the popular kid at school, a complete sterio-type. Football quarter back, nice expensive car, a hott chick by his side. he had the works. life sucked....... well let's get on with the story shall we?

    I came home from school as usual, I fetched the mail and set it on the table. I walked up stairs where I dropped off my backpack and changed into my 'play' clothes. I hung up my school uniform in my cloest and pullled out my homework, which was already half way done. I walked over to my fish tank where my prize possion swam. "hey Henry, I'm home. I have some homework to do." I said to my cute turtle, I named him Henry, the day before my dad died he gave me henry. I hold henry very close to my heart. I also hold another pet of mine to my heart, his name is buddy. Buddy is my German sheppard. he's as old as I am, 13 1/2, he was given to me when I was born. actually we where born the same day,it's kinda funny. I walked down stairs with my homework in hand and quickly got started. Just as i picked up my pencil to write, buddy ran into the kitchen his tail wagging like crazy. He put both paws on my knee and looked up at me with his cute eyes.
    "buddy, I have to do homework. I'll play with you once I'm done ok?" he barked and sat at my feet. I could tell he understood.
    I finished my homework in 20 minutes, once I was done, buddy came with me up stairs and grabbed my bag in his mouth. He walked over to me and dropped the bag at my feet, so I could put my homework away. I unzipped the bag and put my homework insde, as soon as I zipped it up Buddy snached it up and put it away for me.
    "Good boy buddy, now let's go play." I said grabbing his favorite ball. Quickly we both ran down stairs and into the back yard. I threw the ball and Buddy dashed to get it. He and henry where my only friends. I was lonley, but glad to have them. Buddy and I plaYed for an hour, but soon had to stop when I heard a knock at the door. I walked inside and opened the front door to see Kevin holding onto Mikey. Kevin was Mikey's best friend. He only comes over when there are girls at our house, Mikey is drunk, or when Mikey has him watch me. I could tell Mikey was drunk.
    "Hey kidd, I came to drop Mikey off. He got drunk at a party again." Kevin sighed. I let him in and he set mikey on the couch and let him sleep.
    "Thanks Kevin..." I mummbled quitely. I couldn't tell if Kevin was drunk or not becasue he came up to me and put his hand under my chin. He kissed my cheek and stuck something in my pocket.
    "Call me if you need to, kay sweety?" he smiled. No, he wasn't drunk this is how he normally is. A player and a backstabber, a normal combo that fallows my brother. I sighed and walked with Kevin to his car. As he got in and started his engine, I stood on the side walk, holding onto Buddy's collar. Buddy hated Kevin, ever sense the accident that caused me to break both my legs. It happened when I was 7, but Buddy never forgive him.