• A sharp whistle rang through the air as the wind blew feircely. Jack's breath clouded in front of him as he trudged up the steep hill. His younger sister, Ally, ran after him trying desperately to catch up.
    "Jackiiiie!" she called. "Wait for meee!"
    Jack sighed and turned around. "Ally, you have to hurry up. If you get lost your going to freeze to death."
    Ally just giggled. "You won't let that happen."
    Jack smiled. She knew him so well. Ally was the most precious thing to him. Ever since his parents died, Ally was all he had left of his family. He would have had another sibling but his mother was murdered at seven months pregnant.
    He shook away the thought, staring into Ally's face. He saw his mother's gentle frame of hair and his father's facial features. Her golden curls swayed when another gust of wind whipped through the air. Her large, blue eyes looked up at him with a swimming iris.
    "Jack, are we going to keep going? I'm cold."
    Jack broke away from his thoughts and smiled. "Sorry, Ally. I was just thinking." Ally ran to him and took his hand.
    "About Mom and Dad?" she asked, looing up at him. Jack was quiet and then he nodded. Ally looked down and kicked at the snow. "What would the snow look like with a different color?" she asked.
    Jack gave her a curious look. "What kind of color?"
    Ally shrugged. "Red. Red seems like a good color."
    Jack smiled. "Maybe you'll see one day."
    Ally smiled excitedly. "You think so?"
    He nodded. "I'm sure you will."
    She laughed and Jack thought of his father. His father was the one who wanted to bring them here a long time ago. Luckily, Jack's parents had left everything with them when they died and Jack used the money for a trip up in the mountains. Ally had thought that this was the best thing that he had done for her. Jack loved seeing his sister happy. She was only eight and him, fifteen.
    Ally tugged on his arm and said, "Come on. I said I was cold."
    Jack chuckled and started walking again. "You remind me of Mom when you act like that." he said.
    Ally smiled. "Was she like me?"
    Jack nodded. "She had the exact attitude you have. And Dad, he had the same knowledge as you. Your a perfect mixture of them both."
    Aly grinned. She always loved hearing that. "What about you? Who are you most like?"
    Jack thought for a bit. "Mom always said I look a lot like Dad. He used to say that too. I suppose I'm more like Dad then Mom."
    Ally smiled. "That's who I see when I see you."
    Jack beamed at her. "I've told you that your the most special thing in the world to me, right?"
    Ally giggled. "Yes, Jack. You say that every day. I like hearing it. Your important to me too." Jack smiled and kept quiet for about ten yards. Oddly enough, Ally was silent for that long too.
    'Hey, you okay?" he asked, shaking her arm.
    Ally laughed and grabbed his arm with her other hand. "I'm fine, Jack. Why did you ask?"
    Jack blinked. "You were so quiet." he said, nudging her arm.
    Ally giggled and nudged him back. She looked ahead and the smile on her face faded. "Jackie, who's that?" she asked, pointing ahead.
    Jack tensed and stared at the figure ahead. It was a rather large shape. Thick arms, small head, larger legs. And worse, he carried a weapon.
    Jack pushed Ally behind him and shouted out to the person, "Who are you? What do you want?"
    In a thick, rumbly voice, the man said, "The girl."
    Jack shook his head. "I won't give her to you."
    Ally squeezed his waist. "Jackiie, what's going on? Who is he?"
    Jack hushed her and asked again. "Who are you?"
    The man answered, "Red."
    Jack blinked. "Red?"
    Ally peered around from behind Jack. "Red? That's a pretty color."
    The man let out a rumbling laugh. "You like Red?" he asked. "Come, I show you Red."
    Ally moved to go to him but Jack held her back. "No." he said.
    "Jack! I want to see Red." she said, pushing him away and running to the man.
    Before it was too late, Jack screamed, "Ally! No!"
    Ally froze when she saw the man point his weapon at her and then shoot. Ally flew back, landing a few feet in front of Jack. There was an arrow protruding from her chest. She looked at him with pained eyes, much larger than before. "Jack." she whispered.
    Jack knelt at her side and held her hand. "Ally. Don't go anywhere. Don't go to sleep yet."
    Ally smiled. "It's just for a while. I'll wake up again."
    Jack felt tears run dowwn his face. "Okay, okay. Go to sleep. I'll be here when you wake up."
    Ally smiled and reached up to touch his face. "Jack, don't cry. It's just a nap. I'm tired." She looked at her hand. "Jack, I saw red with snow."
    Jack tried to smile. He held her other hand to his face. "Yeah? I told you you would. I just thought you wouldn't have to sleep right after."
    Ally laughed agian. "I'll be up again and then we can look at it together."
    Jack choked a sob and whispered. "Close your eyes. Go to sleep before we look, okay?"
    Ally nodded and stared up. "Night, Jackie. I'll wake up soon." she whispered, closing her eyes.
    Jack let out a few more sobs before whatching her chest stop moving. He looked around and saw that the man was gone. He picked up his sister and walked over to a magnificent lookng pine tree. He set Ally down and began to dig.
    After an hour, he had a small grave and he set his dead sister into it. "I'm sorry Ally. You won't be waking up. But I'll go to sleep too. And then you'll see me." he said, throwing the dirt back. When he was done he stepped back and admired his sister's grave. It shined when the sunlight git the snow, making it look like a million peices of diamonds. Like her eyes, Jack thought. He sill felt the tears on his face but he ignored them. Rage boiled through him. That man had destroyed everything that was to him. All that he had, was now gone. In a red and white landscape.
    Jack layed next to Ally's grave and closed his eyes. "I'll fall asleep and seee you too, Ally. You don't have to wake up."
    A small gust of wind blew new snow fall into the area. Making a thick curtain of whtie around Jack and his now lost sister.