• My eyes were wide with fright. Did he really mean what he had just said. That was impossible. He couldn't just keep me there. No. I should be able to leave. I'll just run all the way home. I'll be careful. I won't tell. Does he not trust me? All these thoughts swilled around in my head. Everything was so confusing. How could I be put into this situation. I looked him and calmed down. Once his hand moved from my mouth I spoke. "You can't keep me here. I want to go home." I started to wiggle again and this time got out of his grip. I didn't look back and ran for the door.

    He let out a small growled. "You don't understand. You can't leave this place," he yelled to me. He ran after me almost catching up. He was faster than I had expected. I just sped up so he wouldn't catch me.

    Once I got to the door I sprint outside going for the trees but he was right behind me. My heart was pounding up against my chest. It felt like it would pop out of my body. I breathed hard as I kept running. I slowed losing him behind me. I sat on the ground trying to catch my breath closing my eyes I took a deep breath and held it in. Just as I was about to let it out there was a sudden jolt. I screamed. Looking down to the ground I turned around. It was the king only he was a lot bigger than before. He had anger in his eyes. I wasn't about to argue with a giant . I wasn't that stupid. I let out a small sigh and let him carry me back to his home.

    He set me down and began to shrink. Though I still looked up to him. He grabbed my wrist harder this time. "Listen to me. I say this because I care. You can't let anyone know what you are okay. Prisoner might have been a bit much but you will have to stay here." I sighed not having much of a choice. I just nodded and he let go. "Come. I'll get you something to eat. You must be hungry."
    I looked at him. "Actually I'm fine thank you." She paused. "I haven't been very hungry lately. I mean I don't eat as much," I smiled. He turned back to me with interest. He looked at me height wise and then guessing weight wise. He smiled at me and I was a little scared. "Is something wrong Sir," I asked a little nervous.

    "No. But you might not be all human." I froze. Not all human. Was that possible? I let out a small breath. If I wasn't all human what was I? Looking at him I then wondered how he knew. How was he so sure. He reached his hand out and touched my necklace. It glew when he touched it. Squinting my eyes from the blinding light I saw markings appear on my body.

    "What's going on," I asked paniced. He just smiled at watched. Was he crazy. What was going on? He wasn't telling me anything. My breathing picked up as I got worried. He then put his hand to the ground. I stared at him confused. Then I felt pain in my back. I close my eyes and suddenly felt weightless. Panting from being so worried I opened my eyes staring at the floor. I looked to my hands. I looked the same. The pain in my back was gone. Had nothing happened? I got up and then it hit me. I saw his hand on the floor infront of me. I looked up at him. He smiled and picked me up. I was ready to faint. As I shook something kept twitching. I looked to my back to see wings. "This...is not...right." Feeling faint I laid my head down. He set me down on the table and sat down.

    "Now you won't have to worry as much. But you are still at risk. At least we now know you can go out in public in this form without them questioning your heart beat." He looked at me and let me lean on his finger. "You just need to calm down," he laughed lightly. "Your going to be fine little one." His son soon walked back in and looked at his father and then me.

    "Well this isn't right. Weren't you a little bigger before," he laughed. I sighed and nodded. This was all so complicated. It was confusing. So many questions going unaswered. But one important one I wanted to know was...if I was a fairy all along. Then what were my parrents?