• Friends are the people I live for, but if they care for me, I'll die for them...

    A 13 year old student at Ridgeview Middle School is so careing and passionite for everyone. She cares for the sick, by useing her healing powers, and dies over and over agian for the ones who care back. Shes deffinately not a human, and thats how she uses these things. People know shes a Black Magic Immortal, but do they know who she is? Not at first, no, but later, once they find out about her friendship, they do. And unlike most people, shes loveing. She has no heart, for where they had to take it out of her for her to be what she is. But truely, she does have one.

    Beep, beep, beep. SMACK! Beerrrop... My alarm clock powers down after I hit it with my math book. I roll out of bed and say "Mi la vernado" and a pink and black skirt appers with a pink ruffled shirt appears with black lether boots. And my jungled mess of hair automatically flattens down and 2 pink highlights appear in it. My eyes turn from a black eye color to a deep bloody red color. My tanish face turns sort of paleish with some pink blush and black and pink eye makeup. My sharp teeth round out to be more of human teeth as I said the chant and my apperence changes. I use another chant "Mi la vernoi casta mi lo" and I suddenly appear downstaris with a bowl of Frosted Flakes under my chin. I take a bite. Swollow hard and get me some orange juice. My boyfriend comes from the shadows and walks over to me "Could you at least try to act like a human?" He asks with a laugh.
    "No. Well, maybe if you stop appearing in my house randomly after I get dressed. I mean seriously, it's not like I ever gave you permission to get in here." I said giggling.
    "Fair enough" POOF. And hes gone. He dont need spells anymore, since he's been an Immortal for gawd knows how long.
    I walk outside and walk down to the bus stop. Wishing I knew the spell to make a fake I.D so I could drive to school.
    Nobody in Ridgeveiw is human, but we all prefer to act it. Well, most of us anyways. Were all lost Immortals who need something better to do than go around useing random powers for random things.
    But me, I like it like this. Why? Because I can go on and die a lot for my friends, my human friends outside of town, and we both end up liveing. How? Because, immortals re-live life after they die many times.
    As I arrieve up tomy bus stop, I stop and think. Think about if I should go to school today. I decide not to, but then the bus pulls up and Mr. Leo says "Kiochou! You dont want to be late!" And I say "Hold on! Mi la vernoi casta mi boi" And I appear in my seat. Next to my boy friend....

    If you think this is a pretty good story so far, post so in the comments and I will write more to it. But like I said, I only spend like 4 minutes on these little story things razz . If you dont like it, tell me so I can kknow... razz