• Inuyasha Pov.

    Inuyasha walked in with a straight face, knowing that everyone would stare at him for his hair and eyes. He walked to his seat, sat down, and rustled around in his book bag for a pencil until the teacher came in, and he luckily found one after 3 minuets of searching through the clutter. He didn't even look up from his test until he finished filling in everything. He knew he got about 5 questions wrong, but it wasn't too bad for the high school he was trying to get in.

    He made sure not to do any fidgeting or touch his head when he needed to think, because it would only draw attention to himself and the bandanna. And there would be a lot of faces smashed if that got taken off.

    Kagome Pov.

    Kagome was completely focused on the test until she was done. She had checked it over 3 times and had 15 minuets left before the next test, so she let her mind wander. She wondered why the boys hair was white at age 15. It didn't even looked bleached. It seemed natural, which was unheard of.

    She also wondered about his yellow eyes. Something seemed unsettling about them. They were yellow and had slitted pupils, which seemed demonic. Yet he had a air about him that he was a bit uneasy under how he looked. After pondering this for a few minuets, she was snapped back to attention when the teacher stood up. "Tests back please, and quietly!" There was some grumbling about it as tests were passed back. Then the next test began, and a 20 minuet break in the yard to relax the kids.