• It was a friday night, and everybody was stressed from work, and the 5 friends went out for a drink or 2. Charles, Matt, and Juan werent in the best condition to drive, being newly single men, they drank away their worries. so Alex, who had politly refused to drink, had driven them home. The 3 already mentioned were playing around when the last charcter appears. Chris, hes a fun person to be around. Youll get in trouble but have the time of your life. But he gets bored easily, and teases people when hes bored. Being gay, and a pretty boy, with shiny blond hair,big blue eyes, a nice body, gifted with killer sexy attitude, he came up with a devious plan for the more than buzzed newly singles. After quietly telling Alex, they smirked and went to their co-owned dorm house. When they arrived they bailed out and in a singsong voice Chris announced, "Im bored, who wants to play a g-a-m-e?" being drunk and unsuspecting they agreed loudly. So they were blind folded, and sat down in a chair. They duct-taped their hands to the chair arms, and taped their feet down. the blindfold was now turned into a gentle gag. Alex clapped admitably a little buzzed, and announced " ok! here is the game. Im going to do my best to give you a b-o-n-e-r~. Whoever survives the longest gets anything they want ok! anything at all!" he winked suductively and the most sober of them felt dread and chill down his spine. Chris took off his shirt and revelead his chest to the very-much-so staight men. They were unaffected, but this was just preperation. Then Chris smiled deviously. Then Alex put on some very nicely timed club music. He dimmed the body, and Chris took a breathe. He started swinging his hips,and put his hands in the air, he went in time to the music, when it started skipping he would do a turn, and then he clapped with the music All of this normal, sexy dancing. Then he focused on the victim. It was the youngest, and drunkest of the group, and you could see the blush on his cheeks. Chris smirked and moved closer to him. Juan blushed harder, and lowered his head and let his black hair cover his face. Chris took his chin up gently and and looked sexily into his eyes before circling him, trailing his hands all over his chest and arms, then the music stopped, and he did a little twirl right in front of Juan and grabbed his a**. Juan broke, and Alex gently let him out of his chair, where he went to the shower to "calm down". Juan was cute, shy, and extremely fun to tease. But now the compitition was ON. Now that the confident smile was permentally Chris went to Charles. And winked before beginning a lap dance. You could see Charles to keep it in, and he was doing good, he tried to focus on the music, or his blond hair, but it was useless trying to ignore the suductive male in front of him. He was fine until Chris had his a** right above his groin, swinging it sexily, with his hands around Charles, staring at him from below his eyelashes. Charles swallowed loudly and Chris went in for the kill. He used his sexy voice, his "my-room-or-yours?" voice and put his lips right on Charles ear and whispered. Matt and Alex strained to hear, but didnt sucseed. But you could guess the genre because immeadiatly a deep blush covered Charles's face, and he said he lost. He was let go, and he ran to his room and locked the door. We all know what HEs doing tonight wink
    Immeadiatly Matt started to blush, and he said " hey hey wait! this isnt fair, what about Alex?" he was rambling, but Chris had a soft spot for the brunette. So he flipped his hair and turned to Alex and did his " ********" smile on.or smirk. All I can say, is that the weaker person would have fainted from that sexy mans smile/smirk. Alex said many things trying to get him to stop, but Chris turned the music up louder, walked up to him, and put a finger to his lips."shhhh" Now, a normal person would have ran away for fear, but Alex in the face of Chris was paralized. Chris began dancing. Hands on Alexs hips, almost but not touching him. eye to eye, blue on green. Hips waving sexily, Alex gave fast. After all, he had to watch the earlier too. He sat down in the recently vacated seat, and took a deep breathe, and soon his problem went away. Noone wants to know what he was thinking to make his "problem" go away. Finally Chris arrived on the victim. "bu-but wait! You cant win this game! hows it fair?" Chris put his lips right by Matts ear and whispered quietly, "Its not" and gently bit his ear. Matt had to work to keep from moaning. Chris then moved to be eye-to-eye. Then he lowered his head, and put his mouth to Matts collar. Then he began to unbotton Matt with his mouth. 5 buttons through, Chris's face was on the edge of Matts rib cage, a little lower it would be causing some problems, (aka Matt would lost X3) " OK,OK, I give!" Chris looked up at a blushing Matt, who had not "lost" the game yet. His face questioned, then realized, and spoke " Sorry love, no can do, Ive got a goal" (insert evil smexy face) Then he sat on Matts lap. Matt lost then and there....but Chris just winked at him and let his hands finish the job his mouth started...(oh my, thats rather dirty... sweatdrop ) Shirt open and revealing a gracousily built man, Chris ran his hands around Matt's stomach, around his pecs, grazing a n****e, making Matt gasp, and Chris leer. The hands continued to the shoulders, lightly knocking off the shirt, and pushing it down to the elbows, where the tape made it impossible to go further. Knowing Matt had lost the game, and was quickly losing control, he began grinding his a** on Matts........sensitive area. Matt was panting and glaring through glazed eyes. Chris's hands were making way to tease the man some more, when Alex coughed, and the pair seemed to remember he was there. well, lets say some *coughcough* MATT-AND-CHRIS!*coughcough* were disapointed. Alex blushed and announced " I think Matt won, so I think we should let him go and let him have his reward." Swiftly the tape was gone, and Matt spoke up in a deeper-than-normal voice(hehe) and said " Anything? at all?" Chris still poisitioned on Matts lap nodded. Matt growled and pulled himself up, grabbed Chris's hand, and ran up the stairs. He pulled a rather willing and smug Chris in, and shouted to Alex " Feel free to leave if you cant handle a little noise." He then slammed the door, and pushed Chris down. " Now, you get punished for teasing me........."
    *ahem* well...lets...uh..say...they had a fun night X3