• Luna woke and headed out of the barn, off the family's property just as Jake finished giving the three canines their food. Luna hadn't eaten, the dog food wasn't for her. It didn't even look like something edible anymore; not compared to what she'd dreamed about...The hunts in her dreams...There had been large, horse-like animals...And deer...And things that resembled cows, with huge horns and brown fur instead of splotched hide. There'd even been sheep...Our neighbors have sheep...Luna thought, shaking her head even as she trotted the mile that led to the nearest other residence. She'd never kill a lamb, much less anything on her own property...But there weren't just large animals...There were those birds. Those plump, slow birds..
    No one'd worry, anyways. Why would they? The chickens, or whatever they were called, were so numerous. I's not like they did anything, anyways. All they did was sit, eat, and make that clucking noise. Over. And over. And over again.
    Luna abruptly stopped walking, almost having walked into a low brick fence outlining the house she was now in front of. It was silly, and Luna never understood. Such little fences, what were they there for? It wasn't any source of protection, she could see right over it, she could jump right over it. Smirking and hungry, Luna eased herself over the border with a slight leaping motion, vaulting her wolf body over with the powerful legs of a canine. A familiar scent caught her attention, making her head swivel directly over to the coop, which the chickens walked around.
    They weren't even in the coop! Why not? It was going to be so easy...Stalking slowly up to the birds, Luna noticed how oblivious these creatures were. They didn't sense a predator, all the feathered things did was cluck. Luna gave a low woof, to see what they would do. Of course, they scattered. This had sent everything into a loud, clucking frenzy as they tried running away or hiding in the coop. They can't even fly... She thought, lunging at one that'd passed by, to close. They were, in fact, very slow.
    She'd instinctively caught it by the neck, biting throught the base of the spinal cord. Eating quickly, Luna's head jerked up as soon as she'd finished. The sound of a door had caught her attention...And she smelled people. Jumping to her feet, Luna raced over the yard and cleared th efence, but not before hearing shouts and wails from the humans. Panting, she'd managed getting home.
    Her human was riding a palomio horse, it was a frisky thing, and it was sweating a bit. They'd been riding around the corral for over a half-hour, Luna guessed. Jake usually did this in the mornings...Noticing Shdow sleeping in the shade of the barn, she tried to walk in without being noticed. When his icy eyes opened, she gulped and stepped back. "Where've you been?"
    Feeling the hair on her neck rise, Luna glared at him. "I was out exploring. Is that..A problem?" Trying to keep her voice steady, she stepped foreward again, the male coming to his feet as well. "No. Really, where have you been Luna?" Shadow's voice was suspicious and accusing, he was snarling. it was then Luna realized how she looked. Blood on her muzzle, even if it was only a small splash...A feather or two stuck on her fur... Shadow bared his teeth angrily and stepped even closer, both animals' fur rising and rumbles coming from their throats.
    It was a rule. A rule no one ever broke. They were allowed freedom, allowed to walk wherever, to go down to the other houses...But that was on the unspoken promise that none of the dogs killed another animal. It betrayed the trust Jake and Sam had for their companions.
    Just as Shadow went to speak, his fur fell as flat as it could, his ears standing and his tail starting to wag. Jake came over, smiling and dusty, to scratch both dogs' ears. He spoke to them, and Luna turned on the innocent look as well, even as she noticed the husky's blue eyes glaring at her, angry as could be. His gaze alone was painful, and Luna walked away as quick as she could, flincing as she passed Tanna, who had seen the whole thing.