• It was December 4th in the small village of Misere , England. Snow laid in blankets of pure white crystals for as far as the eye could see. On the ground, homes, and anything else out in the open. Princess Lace sat in her large marble throne awaiting the return of Prince Vlad. He was a tall man around "6'2". His shoulder length pitch black hair of silk framed what had seemed to be the perfect facial structure. His eyes appearing as two aqua blue jewels surrounded by long dark lashes. Princess Lace had believed him to be the love of her life. Her eternal keeper. She had been wrong.

    Many of times he had fallen into the arms of another, became fustrated with her, or just simply left her to weep in the hush of the castle for weeks on end with nothing but echos and old memories oh happier times to keep her compay. Their love had become frail and begon to crumble at the edges. Princess Lace had lost hope for a better tomorrow.

    Days had crept by for the lonely princess.The Christmas fair had come to the village on December 20th. Princess Lace took a few steps toward a near by window. She watched the new comers flood in when one of the men on a black horse caught her glimps. They gazed at one another for only a few seconds before the princess pulled away from the window with flushed cheeks. The sudden urge to run and find this mysterious man had washed over her in warm waves drowning her thoughts.

    That night the princess went to bed early egar for the next day. She tossed and turned dreaming of Prince Vlad's return. Sweat gathered in beads on her forhead, hands gripping the sheets, and eyes tearing. Her upper body lifted off the bed as screams rang through the room. She looked pasty as her heart raced with fear. The covers had slid down over her waist. " Where are you...?" she whispered into the darkness before laying back down.

    Beams of sun light shown past her bedroom curtains over her body. She awoke jumping out of bed her feet hitting the cool stone sending a shiver through her. Nothing seemed to intrest Princess lace this morning but geting down to that fair. After taking two hours to prepair herself the princess was ready.

    She walked throught the streets searching for the man on the black horse. The hours passed with no luck on finding him. She hung her head in great disappointment when a tap at her shoulder bought her back to reality. Her glance went over the left shoulder to a masculant figure. His eyes dark and glistening, dark brown bangs falling over the right eye a bit.

    " Hello madam." his voice was deep. Something you would only imagin in a dream. She turned on her heels to face him. Her gaze went up into his once more bringing a tint of pink to her cheeks. " You are him...." she replied subconsciously. He shot her a heart warming smile. " I have been admiring you from afar.... you seem a bit lost. Walk with me? " he said. "What is your name....." she said leading him away. His reply was a whisper " Damien.."

    They walked together through crowds of people. The people seemed to part making a path for the two. For hours and hours they visited sharing stories and memories. The sun had come up and began to once again sink down beneath the horizon. The moon was in full bloom as he walked her home. His hand went up caressing her cheek, his thumb rubbing in a circular motion gently. " When will I see you again?" he asked in a soft heavenly tone. Princess lace then gave the man a small giggle "Tomorrow."

    For the next week the two saw each other bounding and only getting close with each encounter. Christmas morning had arrived. Princess Lace and Damien met in the village streets. He got on one knee before her looking into her hazel eyes. " Princess....run away with me. Be mine. We belong together." She was left speachless and could only nod giving him a "yes".

    Damien came up and wrapped his arms around her. They ran to the castle and packed all of her things. She smiled to him giggling before taking his hand and leaving the castle. Three days later Prince Vlad came home to no one. The castle was dark, cold, and had a depressing feel. Princess Lace never spoke to Sir Vlad again.

    Damien and Princess Lace lived in a small cozzy cottage making a comfortable life for themselves. Later getting married and having two healthy children. Scarlet and Lance.