• Sleep dear, sleep tight for you won't wake up again because you're no longer ours, you don't belong here anymore, you're smile extinguished and you existing is gone
    Sleep and I'll sing you a lullaby for I'm not just sad that it's you who's dead I'm also sad because you left her alone, she has no one now, people
    around her keep dying and leaving her I'm not sure how can she face the world alone now, I'll try to be with her I'll try to support her
    but the pain in my heart is so big because it kills me to see her sad because she's a part of me she owns a piece of my heart, why did you have to leave her??
    I'm sad and I'm crying because I know those we love once they leave us they won't return and the worst thing is she knows that to,
    how can I face her now without crying because it hurts, it hurts so much!
    I promise you dear that I'll take care of her, I'll be on her side I can't leave her alone so sleep, sleep and don't worry for I'll be here for her, I'll protect
    Sleep the pain is gone, may God lead your soul to Paradise, sleep and rest in peace my dear.
    Sunday the 4th of August.