• Prologue

    Have you ever wondered, what it was like to walk on the ground? To step upon the sands of white beach’s on sunny islands? To climb trees and dance threw fields of flowers... Flowers that were not man made but occurred naturally threw pollination? Perhaps you have. Then again. By the time you read this, history may have changed.
    In the year 4030 the Earth had acquired so much pollution and damage from its people, Humans, that it was now beyond repair. With the Earth dieing rapidly and unable to support the large numbers of people still covering its surface, the governments of the world, Headed by the United States and Japan, activated a project that had long been in the making...
    The creation of a new and clean planet, titled simply: Earth Beta. Harolded as a new beginning for mankind!
    In the year 4032 the EB project was launched.
    A lucky one million people were allowed to travel to the new planet. How they were chosen has never been disclosed, but many say it involved the passing of money.
    The people of Earth Beta lived prosperous lives on they're new home.
    Until the year 4042.
    On May 4, 4042, the Izan attacked. No one knows for sure why they attacked, or why they choose to do so to the new planet, but the alien force soon had the fledgeling plant in its grasp, the weak Human race stood no chance against the powerful enemy.
    One Thousand years later, the human race has been enslaved, only a small rebel force stands between the Izan and the complete domination of Earth Beta and the eradication of history.
    This is they're story.