• Preface:

    I heard laughing. "Oh, Eve, you typical heroin." A voice came from behind me, I looked over, startled. Just hovering off the sand were three teenage boys, obviously brothers. "What?" I asked the one that spoke. "Well, where does every lead female come when they're sad? It's done in every single musical, someone gets depressed, usually a girl about love, or some other petty problem, and where do they come? The beach at night of course! Oh, I cannot believe you fell for our trap." The middle one answered. Now I looked properly at the boys. The middle one was slightly taller than the other two. All of them had black, glossy hair, with ghostly pale skin. They were wearing odd clothing that looked somewhat tribal, with odd tribal tattoos dotted around their skinny bodies. The middle one had red eyes, the one on the left had blue eyes and the one on the right had brown eyes.

    "She's very pretty, isn't she..." Brown eyes said, looking at his brothers, "Yup, if she was on our side she'd be amazing..." Blue eyes muttered. "Shut up you two. If anyone would have her it'd be me. I might have to ask the boss if I can keep her..." Red eyes interrupted his brothers, and then looked over at me, "Well, Eve, we'll see you down under." Suddenly they vanished, the black matter around my leg started yanking me downward into the too-soft sand. I felt more coils around my body as it pulled me further and further into the trap. Silver... Leo... everyone.... I'm sorry....

    And then I realized. This was my dream, but reality.

    Eve's POV

    "Four aces." I announced, "Beat that, Jenna." I smiled triumphantly at the hologram, Jenna, who lookedcompletelydefeated. "I can't... I don't have any twos!" She threw her solid cards down to the table. "Looks like I win again!" I chuckled.

    "Hey, Eve! Look at the time, you'd better go to school, I've gotta scoot to check up on Ulric... Bye!" The hologram of Jenna was cut off. Kinda weird talking to someone a few light years away. I ignored my stupid thoughts and, grabbing my school bag, I crept out the door, making sure for no one to see me.

    I'm Eve Mabel Owens. Initials: E.M.O. The most unpopular, yet well known girl in my high school. I'm 17, can drive, and will graduate this summer.

    You may be wondering, who am I so unpopular, yet so well known. That'seasilyanswered. The school b*tch that everyone - as usual - adored and admired. Thankfully, I wasn't one of themadmirers. Her and her group of giggling air headsprowledthe schoolpremisses, attacking anyone who was weird with pink clothes and make up. And man, was I glad she hadn't attacked me yet.

    Ruby hated me, and anyone she hated, the whole school hated, or she'd be there to answer to the odd-one-out. Why she hates me, I have no idea, but I do know that shedefinitelydoes hate me.

    And dear God that's her now. She's quiteliterally just rounded a corner with her boyfriend, Silver, the school play-boy. Damn, damn damnthey were about to crash into me, and that would not make my day any better. Luckily, they were deep in conversation, staring intoeach other'seyes, probably about to kissnoisily, and I did not want to witness that. I quickly looked for an escape route. Damn, it was a very narrowalleyway. Then I had a brain wave.

    I ducked down quickly, my loose, long black hairtrailingon the dirty floor. I peeked through one of my eyes at Ruby, who - hopefully- hadn't seen me. She was passing, passing, passing.Almostgone... And...

    "Ouch! God Dammit!" I saidaloud. Ruby had stepped on my hair. "Owww....." I moaned, not noticing the two pairs of eyes on me. Uh oh. Ruby and Silver were both staring at me, Ruby with an evil grin on her face.

    "Heh, Silv. This mite is spying on us." She yanked on my hair, making tears appear in my eyes. She pulled my up by my black mess, pinning me against the wall. "Why were you spying on us?" Rubydemanded. I knew denying it would be pointless, but I tried anyway.

    "Really, I wasn't trying to crash into you! I didn't mean it!" I insisted. She raised a perfect non-bleached blonde eye brow at me, "Yousure aboutthat?" I nodded, "Well, I don'tbelieveyou!" She kicked my shin hard with her designer boot. "Damn you, Eve!" She strutted off like the vain peacock she was.