• I walked up a hill towards the open field. The smell of blood, and sweat was in the air. One could clearly hear the cries of agony coming from the battlefield ahead. Yet I still moved forward towards them. The male form that I took as i descended from my prison in the heavens was a disguise as to not be found so soon. Not being allowed to be with them, to guide them to love them brought me unfathomable agony. I approached the clearing. When I got to the top of the hill that I was climbing I gasped out like a wounded animal. I trembled at the sight before me. The Lupine were fighting the Vampir. They were tearing each other apart. Limbs were ripped from bodies, blood was stained everywhere. I began to cry silently. The blood tears streamed from my face. The moon above them turned red and they all stilled. They looked towards where I was. Then there was a crack of lightning from underground and the field split. From the dark pit of hell that opened emerged a man. His skin was dark his hair was black and his eyes shown with fire. He roared in anger as he looked at me.
    "Who would dare to make the cry, my light, my love." The male said in a growl. I approached him, blood tears streaming down my face. I changed my form to my original. "Why? Cerebus. Why? Why must our children fight? Why must they kill each other?" I said as I stopped to stand before him. "It hurts so much to see them so. I don't like it." I continued to say as my heart broke to millions of peaces. Cerebus took me into his arms and held me. He murmured sweetly into my ear. "Our children the Lupine and the Vampir are an abomination before the eyes of the gods. For the mere fact that they weren't the ones able to create them. So they play them against each other in hopes that they will kill each other or at least weaken each other enough for enslavement." He said through a deep voice that resonated from deep within his chest. At these answers there were many gasps and cries of outrage that surrounded them. I turned to the children, the peoples that i gave birth to. I took them all in knowing that this would be the last time I would see them, watch over them. "They will come for us soon." I said my voice regaining strength. My tears stopped but the stains of blood were clear upon my face. "They will." My warrior said in a voice of steel. "Then let us protect our children from them." I said. "Yes my love, my light. Let us dance." He said as he began to change into his true form as a hound of hell. I began to glow with the radiant light of the moon that I was and we danced. He howled his song and shown bright for him as I ran and he chased, as i twirled and he went left and right. The laughter, the love and the pure joy was heard by our children. He and I worked our magic, ancient and strong. We released our children from the shackles that were the gods, from the shackles that were their origins. They would no longer be able to hurt our children, they were free. Then he and I stopped. I cried out in agony as the I felt my life beginning to slip away from me knowing that they had come. Cerebus curled around me and he too howled in pain. "You two have caused trouble since the beginning of time. You knew the penalty for coming to your children. You shall both seize to exist in all existence thus ridding the world of your wretched children." As I felt my existence begin to be erased I smiled at Cerebus knowing that our children would not seize existing. "I love you darling moon. My Yue." He said telepathically. "I love you my Warrior." I said in a gently whisper as nothingness overtook me.