• The House on Maple Street

    There once was a house on Maple Street. It was so empty and barren, so cold and scary. No one dared to enter. For one could tell this house was not normal. No one lived there or so they thought. Everyone knows everyone on this little Maple Street. On, one odd, spooky, and eerie night, cold with the empty chill of fall and a barren street damp with the midnight dew. The street quiet, silent, no movement, no sound, houses pitch black and dead.
    But one house where a man lay awake from the past days stress plagued his thoughts. He lies awake staring at the blank ceiling. Thinking, waiting, until his eyes finally drift shut. Suddenly, a blast of light filled his room. He jumped out of bed and leaped to the window. Across the street the creepy house was glowing brightly. “What in the world?” the man cried a frustrated cry. He stalked to his closet throwing on jeans and a sweatshirt. He put on his shoes and walked outside into the barren night. He stormed over to the house on Maple Street. He banged on the door and shouted, “Turn off those lights! People are trying to sleep!” No answer… No sound… No light… It was gone.
    The tall slender man walked backed to his house. “Was it a dream? No. I’m awake, right?” he said confused. He went back to bed. Lying in bed he waited. Nothing, he sighed deeply as his eyes fell shut as he drifted off to sleep. “Shh! You will wake him up!” a young voice whispered. “I know! Shh! He is waking up! There was a soft thud and a pitter patter of bare feet. The man’s eyes opened. He looked around his vision blurred by sleep. He rubbed his eyes and looked around. He saw two young children, a girl and a boy. “Who are you?! How did you get in here?!” the man said, his anger rising. The girl giggled, “My name is Annie Marie Cooper and this is my twin Xander Lane Willow,” she grinned rather oddly.
    The young boy sighed,”Well sir we aren’t really twins. We were born on the same day, the same time, in the same year, but different families.” Annie giggled, “What is your name sir?” There was an odd and eerie silence. He sucked in air, sighed and calmed down. He opened his mouth to speak. “My name is Dimitri Sonam,” he said uneasily,”You never answered my question. How did you get into my house?” he asked sternly. The kids pointed to the door and both said, “It was unlocked!” Dimitri sighed deeply,” Alright, where do you live?” Xander answered,”Next Door! There was another silence and Dimitri ran his hands through his long dark hair. His eyes were bright neon blue and his skin was unnaturally pale.
    Dimitri sighed once more as he pondered his thoughts, digging deep in his mind. He smiled slightly,’ Did you guys see a really bright light coming from the creepy house across the street?” The kids nodded. Annie was the first to answer, “Yep! We went to investigate. We walked to the back of the house but the light stopped and we ran back.” Dimitri sighed, he was getting used to the kids. They were odd yet sweet and kind. Dimitri got out of bed and went to the window. Looking out, he said determined, “All right you two, I’m tired of thinking that house is empty. I want to know what is in there, you two want to come along?” The kids nodded and grinned. Dimitri chuckled, nodded and said,”Lets go! Wait? What about your parents?” The kids shrugged and said, “Out.” Dimitri nodded and said, “Alright then let’s go!” He was walking to the front door with the kids trotting behind. He opened the door and a blast of chilly fall wind hit his face making him gasp from the cold. The kids chuckled and jumped outside. All three of them looked at the house. Before they knew it they were at the front door of the eerie house.
    The house was dark and silent like a late winter night. The front steps creaked and groaned like they were waiting for their arrival. The three looked at each other and Dimitri opened the door and a bright light engulfed them. They walked in and a room formed before their eyes. “What is this place?” asked Dimitri, looking around. The kids walked to a closed door. “Hey, Mr. Sonam! Over here!” Anne’s quiet voice echoed. Xander opened the door. It creaked and groaned. Inside, the room looked like a cool high tech alien lab. Dimitri was dumbfounded. His mouth gaped open. He sucked in air and started to look around in awe, “Who would’ve thought of this being on Maple Street. This house looks like an alien lab.” Dimitri sighed deeply. Annie and Xander walked over to three huge test tubes draped with sheets. “U-um M-Mr. Sonam Look!” gasped the children. Dimitri walked over to them. His fingers grasped the sheets. They felt soft like silk yet they had a roughness about them. Dimitri pulled the sheets off and there they were…. test tubes large enough for humans…. Three test tubes… Three humans… Those humans were them… Dimitri, Xander and Annie. ‘W-what?! How can we be in there when we are standing right here?!” shouted Xander. “I don’t know.” said Dimitri as he looked at the tubes.
    A faint echo filled the room. “Oh my they are here.” said a voice. It sounded inhuman but, it was definitely a female. Then there was a mans voice that echoed through the house,” Yes it seems so.” “Oh, but what should we do?” said the females voice. Dimitri’s instincts kicked in and he pulled the kids close in a protective manner. The kids clung to Dimitri. Dimitri shouted,”Come out. Who are you?” The voices moved and there was a chuckle. Another door opened and two human like figures walked into the room. They had black goo dripping from their bodies and razor sharp teeth dripping with acid that burned holes in the floor. “Well we need them for our snack on the way home.” The male alien hissed Dimitri frowned and backed up. He realized that this was just a world created to keep them quiet. “Crap we have to get out of here!” he muttered to the kids. They quickly ran to the tubes. Dimitri looked for something hard. He grabbed a piece of metal pipe, it felt cool in his hands. He rushed back over to the tubes and smashed them all.
    There was a bright flash. Dimitri, Xander and Annie woke up in their real bodies. The aliens were hanging over them. Dimitri grabbed the metal pipe and slammed it into the aliens. The kids shot up and ran to the exit and shouted,”Mr. Sonam! Hurry!” While the aliens were knocked out Dimitri ran to the computer. He started to press all the buttons. The house rumbled and a brilliant light flashed. “Dimitri hurry!” screamed the kids over the loud screeching house. Just as Dimitri was smashing the computer he was slammed across the room. He yelled out in pain. He felt a cool piece of melt pierce his flesh. He felt a thick, sticky substance cover his shoulder. He got up gripping his shoulder and ran out of the lab with the kids. Annie and Xander tried to open the front door. “It’s locked!” they both yelled. Dimitri frowned deeply. “Stand back.” said Dimitri sternly. The kids nodded and jumped back. He stepped back and kicked the door open. He looked out and saw they were 10 feet above the ground. The kids whimpered, “We are too high.” He scooped the kids in his arms and jumped. They landed in the soft grass still wet with the chilly morning dew. All three of them ran to the curb and watched the house fly into the cloudy autumn sky. Dimitri muttered,” It was a perfect lift off.”