• I woke up early in the morning and I noticed that my cat Milly was sleeping on my letter which I forgot to send my friend Shan. I got on a matter of urgency, I put my hair bun and ran to school. Mao was furious, my teacher for me because I came too late. Today was my maid. The end of the school Shan told me that would like to go see his friend Chin's new panda card collection. Panda cards are rare, because if they collect may be one of the top-secret prize. But what does it matter? I have a big panda bear that I can give him a hug. So I walked home alone. In the mother shouted at me. I ran the mother had gone to bed and ran to the beach. Moonlight made the sea unicorn picture. I threw myself on the sand and it felt when you sink into, sink into .. It felt like when I was strangled when my bag was pulled. Soon I fell, one soft. There was damp, and I heard cries for help. I did not see anything. Soon I fell again, looked at it and saw something red. It felt like needles, and it was very cold. As soon as I smelled it. ''Jam!''I heard the cries again. Now I saw a flying lantern! It called me by name. ''Mei, Mei ..''I took the lamp in my hand and walked forward. I heard steps behind me, and as soon as someone, something hit me and I felt a searing headache. When I awoke, I saw a number of skeletons, no, they had no skeletons! They were the prisoners who were staring at me. I got up and asked where we are. Prisoners looked at each other, and they do not say anything. They understood me, but were unable to speak. Fortunately, I knew sign language, when one of the prisoners tried to explain. ''Director Cal has captured us, and when we did not help, she took voice.'' So we learned some sign language. Fortunately, I took a pocket knives, and broke the hole in the wall where we could flee. We climbed up the ladder, and we needed again my pocketknife. We were able to survive all up, but Cal noticed us. I lifted up the ladder before Cal was able to come up. The inmates applauded, and ran to their homes. They probably were disappointed that they are immortal. Share Where did I know? It just jam-store wall read: ''IMMORTALITYJAM''. So I walked home and I climbed on the roof to watch the moon. I looked at the wristwatch and a clock at 5 o'clock in the morning. I opened the skylight wrench and I jumped in, straight to bed. I put my pajamas, I read comics for a moment and scratch Milly.