• I've never been shy. I mean, in third grade, I ran into a wall in front of everyone but I laughed it off with the bystanders. I even do somethings, like playing the recorder and keeping a sketchpad by my side all times, that most people would want to do but think it's not cool. But there's something about him that makes me want to take the shadows around me and place them over me and my shyness.
    I think it was in 5th grade, when everyone was getting ready for the bigger world ahead of them, that you sent me a sign saying, "Go ahead." I took it as a chance to tell you I liked you, and to find out if you liked me. Ashlyn though came and started talking to you right as I got out of my chair to tell you. She turned around and gave me a look so mischievous and awful, I backed off. That's when I realized that not only I am in love with Brian, but that Ashlyn hates my guts and wants Brian all for himself.
    Ever since that day, I've wanted the one thing that Ashlyn would keep Brian from me, and that was popularity. You see, not many people like the weird girl with the recorder, but you know, Brian likes me as a friend. And as much as that kills me, he likes the real me. That's the most important part. Maybe someday soon, he'll realize Ashlyn is using him for his look and will break up with her. I don't care if he comes to me or not, but... That would be nice.