• The next life was so different... I couldn't remember anything about the past or who Dante was. But I always felt that something was wrong on the inside... My dad thought I was depressed because of the many problems in the kingdom. Well, I could see how the King would think that. But then again, he didn't talk much with me... And my mother? She died after giving birth, or so I believe I was told.

    Many problems had erupted in the kingdom, which worried my father to no end. Threats, attacks, and almost being abducted... Yeah, he had good reason to worry about his daughter.
    I think there was this one time that it really happened... I couldn't really say if I remembered it, because I was so little then. But the main thing I did remember was being held by someone and him saying I was alright.

    Years passed, I had a governess that tried her best to keep me in the castle but failed. She would chase me outside while scolding me about how I didn't behave like a proper princess. Time moved on where I needed to have a knight instead. I had been thinking of how he may act when we were alone. I knew some servants that wanted to get their hands on me, but then again, most of them were male.

    I stood in the back of the court, waiting to be called. I had my arms crossed over my chest, and felt so pissed off.

    "Princess Alice. Come. I must tell you something important... Dear." His voice was deep. I walked out to see him and his 'something important'.

    "Yes, father?"

    "You will be watched by one of our finest knights. Since lately there are..." He cleared his throat, "many problems as of late... Caleb. Come on out here." He clapped his large hands and pulled me closer to him as a man entered the room.

    Just as he entered, I felt sort of different... I held my father's arm tightly and kept looking for Caleb's eyes. His hair was in his face, I wanted to brush it back to see those eyes. Everything about him seemed to be mystical.
    My father whispered to me that he was only 17 and the best knight in all of our land. I blushed, thinking of how great he must be at fighting. Many girls may be trying to beat down his door for him...
    But as I headed south in my thoughts, my father pushed me forward. I had just noticed my hair was not flat from him patting my head.

    'Oh dear Lord... Please don't let me fall... Please say that I won't trip... Please.'
    My knees were shaking, my face was red and I felt so embarrassed to even try to speak to him.
    "Good evening, you're highness..."
    I could see that he wanted to smile, but he knew better... He knew if he showed emotion to me he'd be in trouble. So that smile played around in his eyes. And like how many men do when greeting women, he clasped my hand and gave it a kiss.
    "G-good evening, sir." I stammered as I quickly took back my hand.
    I didn't want him to leave, I didn't want to lose his eyes. It seemed like I could just stare into them forever.
    "My dear, come. Take a rest and let Caleb get to what he needs to." The King called to us.
    I glanced back at him finally and walked away from Caleb. Feeling lighter, sort of happier. That empty feeling was now filling up.
    Caleb was almost out of the court when he turned around and asked if he could start tonight. My father said yes, and he glanced to me and smiled his usual smile.
    "Daughter..." He picked up my hand to get my attention. "Are you mad at this old fool for worrying about you?"

    "No, sir. But may I ask, does the knight have family? Perhaps a wife, or children?" I hid my smile and tried to look as not amused as possible.

    "Caleb? The boy has no family. None he speaks of. And a wife? Children? He is all alone in this world. Why? Does this boy mean anything to you?" His eyes searched my face.

    "No." I stated. Complete lie but I was afraid to tell the truth.

    Caleb came just in time to stop our talk short.
    "You're highness?" He bowed and took my hand.

    It was just 3 weeks later and he had already stole my heart and consumed my every thought... I drove me crazy. I had finally gotten to the point I couldn't stay quiet anymore. I just had to see him. ALONE.
    Later that morning, he asked if I had anything planned for today.

    "Nothing in the court for me today... Can we go out to the gardens?" I has asked without looking up to him. It was one of those mornings where I was too shy to look up at him.

    "Sure. Are you alright, you're highness?" He asked noticing I wouldn't even look in his direction.

    "Yes." I walked off, ahead of him. I couldn't get outside fast enough in my opinion.

    As soon as the light hit my eyes, I slowed down. He came up behind me and said, "It's getting warmer... The flowers will soon be dying..."
    It sounded like he was weary.
    "Caleb, uh, sir. Are you feeling good, yourself?" I played with a petal on a white rose.

    "I think it's the same as you..." He whispered low.
    My eyes shot up to him. "Excuse me?"
    "Pardon me... Forgive my rudeness, you're highness."

    Finally he had taken his eyes off me and took a look around. "It's nice out here..."
    As soon as he spoke those words, I took off. I ran so hard that I was halfway down the steps and heading towards the woods. Dante was, of course, right behind me and gaining.

    But as soon as we couldn't be seen anymore, I had lost both my shoes. Caleb must have gotten the point of this run and slowed down just a bit like I did. Finally there was a clearing we found and he grabbed my arm to make me face him.

    "I have something to tell you..." I said as I pulled back my arm.

    "What is it you're highness?" We both spoke between breaths.
    Finally, able to breathe normal, I played more with my hands.

    "Sir... I don't know how to tell you... But I need to." Looking into his eyes I saw that there was some excitement behind them. Something just waiting to come out.

    He finally held my hands and asked me to tell him. Our eyes were locked, but as we did, his lips touched mine. His hands left mine and pulled me closer. He had closed his eyes and gently grabbed the back of my head. Holding me close to him. My hands went to hold him closer to me. And we just stood there.