Ever since i was 4 or five I've always been dreaming about the same house. I don't honestly know why, but i did. The house was old, my guess belonging to an old lady by the way it was decorated, but it wasn't a house I've ever seen before. It was very maze-like and always started in the living room. Every room was painted white, but all the bedrooms the doors led to were very detailed with quilted blankets, dressers, random decorations, designed ceiling fans, and paintings. Every bedroom was connected to another room and went really far back. The house was huge but I never really knew how huge. In some dreams i was being chased by someone, but most of the time I was just wandering around the rooms. It was ALWAYS daytime, but the house gave off a kind of creepy feel. I don't know why i kept on dreaming about that house, but now, even as a teen, i still do have that dream sometimes. I wouldn't be surprised if i still have that dream when I'm an adult. I don't know if it means anything. It could just be a coincidence or maybe supernatural. I just don't know.