• The day went by so fast. It was by far the best day of my life, but it was disappearing quickly. I sighed with exhaustion and relief when the door to our cottage swung shut behind my fia- husband. Wow. He was my husband.

    The wedding was over. The day was done. But thankfully, the night was just beginning.

    "Hey sweetheart, we're finally here." Patrick grabbed me around the waist and kissed my forehead. "Can you believe today actually happened? I mean, it all went so fast--but not too fast for me to see how beautiful you were. So beautiful. You always are. But today... that dress... you were perfect. Everything was perfect."

    I smiled at him. Looking deep into his turquoise eyes, I said, "I bet I was nothing compared to you. I think now I know how lucky I am to have found you. My heart is finally being set free from the hunger I've had forever, and I can't stop thinking about how different it could be. Patrick, what if we never found eachother at that retreat four years ago? I could have had five boyfriends by now, or maybe I could be married already. To the wrong guy."

    "That would be a real shame, Lanie. I don't know where I'd be without you, either. But I do know that I wouldn't be in this lovely home, with my new, gorgeous wife, on our honeymoon bed, holding you in my arms." He pulled me down to lay with him and leaned closer to me. I closed my eyes and felt his thumb brush against my cheek.

    "I love you, sweetheart." he said.

    I whispered, "I love you, too, Patrick. More than anything," I felt his warm lips on mine, so I kissed back. I felt his hand search through my soft hair for my neck, and then he laid me down on my pillow. He kissed all the way down my neck to my collar bone and touched the strap of my tank top.

    And that's about when my thoughts boarded the love boat and sailed out of PG-harbor.