• The key was enlarged, and I was holding it as if it were a sword. It felt balanced in my hand, and I felt another wave of power. The wind from my hand had knocked the man over across the street. He was struggling to get up, and he looked like he was going to slaughter me.
    "So, the queen's power unlocks," he said in a daze. "You won't stand a chance anyway, we're prepared, we will not lose."
    I looked around myself, and it felt as if I was the only one unharmed. The wound on my back had closed, and I felt fine. Maybe even great. I looked down at David, motionless on the ground. He was struggling to fight the pain of the shot, and I had totally forgotten about it.
    I knelled next to him. "David!" he looked up at me.
    "Farrah," David said, he sounded as if he was in extreme pain. "Ah, I'm fine, go get help..." he drifted off.
    "David!" I screamed. I guess it was his turn to pass out. I picked him up, feeling surprisingly stronger. I took one last glance at the crazy man behind me and ran with the rest of the unwounded group.
    We took David to a hospital, where he was treated and was resting. Luckily my clothes had changed back to normal, so I wouldn't have to explain to my parents why I had some new white clothes. Anna's key was once again hanging around my neck. I went in to see how David was doing. Inside, he was asleep. I sat down next to him. I took his hand and looked at his face. He looked so beautiful, so peaceful, his sleeping face. I put my hand on his cheek. I could've stayed in that position forever, but someone cleared their throat behind me. It was David's father.
    "Hello, Farrah right?" he said. He was smiling. "David talks about you all the time, you've been here for almost a week."
    "Ye- yes." I stuttered. I bowed for some reason -Japanese I guess- and left. Seeing David's dad made me feel awkward, and I thought I needed to go home. I walked down the street to the park behind my house. I went into the playground and sat on a swing.
    I felt guilty, David was stuck in the hospital taking a shot that was meant for me. But Micheal had pushed the man, so he must've been off aim. Still, I felt down. I sat for a while on the swing, looking at my phone every once in a while.
    I heard the crunching of leaves in front of me. "You look down, Farrah," a voice said.
    I looked up from my phone to see Nico, standing before me in the moonlight. His black hair gleamed wickedly in the light, and his eyes were as dark as the sky. He held out a hand for me to grab and I took it, unaware of what was to happen next.
    He hugged me.
    It was a warm hug, and he smelled like a faded men's cologne, it was sweet and comforting, but I was surprised.
    "Uh-um... Nico..." I guess I looked flushed. Nico looked up from my shoulder and started laughing, quietly. -I guess to not insult me from the stupid face I was probably wearing.-
    "Heh... Are you worried about David?" he asked, still not letting go of me.
    "Of course! He's hurt, because of m--,"
    "No, that's not true, Micheal was trying to help you, and David was just in the way."
    I stifled a sob, "No, don't say that, I... I don't understand..."
    He let go of me and stared back to the moon. "You will soon..." His eyes moved towards me. After that he walked off, and I was alone. Again.
    I flinched as my cell phone started vibrating in my back pocket. I looked at the caller. MOM.
    "... Hello?"
    "FARRAH! Get home right now! I'm worried, stay safe!" she yelled into the phone. I heard my dad tell her to calm down in the background.
    "Yes, yes, Mom, I'm coming."
    I closed my phone and walked home in solitude. When I got to my room I flopped down onto the bed. I planted my face into my pillow, letting the hot tears stream down my face.
    "GAHHHHHH!" My screams were muffled into my pillow. So much going on, and I haven't even lived here for a full week! My luck, what was up with these keys that were so special? And David, the incredibly hot guy, the one I met first here. He's hurt. His friend, my friend now I guess, is acting weird. I'm hinting betrayal in him, by why do I feel this? The man, said that I was the queen? And I had powers, that I had to... unlock.