• chapter 2: Prophcey and the demon

    Twenty four hours have passed after the wayword meeting of Yuroto Sanosuke and Morte Kittie. And as to be expected. They hate each other.

    “what do you mean we should head east?! Your not the one who grew up in these woods. And aside from that, what the hell are you? Some kinda mutant freak? I've never seen fox demons with wings before. You escape from some ritual sight?!” she questioned constantly. Sanosuke sighed lightly.

    “English bad. Speak slow,” he requested. She sighed and got a little more antsy.

    “And what's that suppose to mean? You callin me a motor mouth? You wanna take a dig at me freak boy?” she kept antagonizing. Sanosuke couldn't take much more of her. He turned around and started walking. He lifted his cloak so he could pull his wings out. “where are you going?” Kittie asked him.

    “Away. You no listen. So I go away,” he said spreading his wings. Kittie's eyes widened. She needed him to help her survive. So she grabbed a rock and broke his left wings. Sanosuke yelped and dropped to his knees.

    “Why you do that!?” he questioned. She smirked tossing the rock and catching it.

    “Well I can't survive out here all by myself. And besides a big strong guy like you is the ideal body guard for little old me,” she said with a smile. Sanosuke just glared back at her. He folded his wing gently and wrapped his cloak around it. Making a sling for his wing.

    “Fine,” he said coldly. Kittie recoiled slightly and smiled.

    “Thats more like it,” she said. “Now we will head west towards civilization,” Kittie said confidently. Sanosuke reluctantly followed her lead. Though he could tell they were going the wrong way. They walked for a few hours in silence. Kittie looked back at sanosuke who was still following her. She felt bad for braking his wing. But at the same time, she couldn't have let him leave her alone. He proved that he was a warrior not to be taken lightly. Even against adults. Kittie lead the two to a village.

    “bout time,” she said with a sigh and a smile. She looked around. It was a kitsune village. Sanosuke winced back into the forest slowly. He didn't like the atmosphere around this place. One of the villagers saw Kittie and called out to her in German.

    “Grüße Kind. Was bringt eine Katze waren-in unserem bescheidenen Dorf /greetings child. What brings a were-cat to our humble village?” the kitsune demon asked.

    “auch Herr, mein Freund und ich haben für einen Tag und eine halbe nun unterwegs, und möchte in diesem Dorf Unterschlupf finden/well mister, my friend and I have been travailing for a day and a half now, and would like to find shelter in this village,” she said looking at the man. He had fox ears and a fox tail. He was a fairly dark skinned man. He smiled and looked up.

    “Ihr Freund/your friend?” he asked. Kittie nodded and pointed to the slinking back sanosuke. The kitsune's eyes widened and ran away from her. Screaming at the top of his lungs.

    “DAS KIND DER Prophezeiung hat sich/THE CHILD OF PROPHECY HAS COME!!!” he shouted running. The villagers all turned their attention towards the kids. Kittie was wide eyed and sanosuke was trying to run away, he fluttered a bit but with a broken wing he couldn't get air. The village men rushed after him. Kittie watched as a multitude of people shot past her.

    “Was machst du da?! Was hat er dir je getan/What are you doing?! What has he ever done to you!?!” she questioned.

    “Stille Mädchen!/Silence girl!” the village elder called out. He was an old kitsune with Grey hair and a long cane. He looked at Kittie and spoke.

    “der Junge ist der Junge der großen Prophezeiung. Sie können nicht verstehen, was wir tun müssen/that boy is the boy of great prophecy. You can not possibly understand what we must do,” he said. Kittie glared at him then looked at the forest where the chase was just beginning. Sanosuke lept from tree branch to tree branch. His eyes forward as he tried escaping his pursuers. These kitsune were no slouches. They were trained. Sanosuke glared as he needed to kick it up.

    “Phoenix Transformation!” he shouted. His body burst into flames for a brief instance and then faded. His transformed cloths on. He drew his sword and slashed at the trees that were ahead of him. Causing them to sway and fall with the slightest bit of weight. The kitsune moved even quicker. They were older and more experienced with their movements.

    “STAY BACK!!!” sanosuke screamed launching a fireball at them. The lot dodged it and stopped their pursuit. Sanosuke looked forward and smashed into a tree. He dropped to the ground transforming back. The men picked his limp body up and carried him back to the village. Kittie saw them as they came back and ran to sanosuke. She was instantly batted away from them. She got up and tried to touch sanosuke. Four people had to restrain her as they carried sanosuke to a hut.

    “mein Volk! Der Diener unseres großen Gottes Fushi ist angekommen. Heute Abend werden wir die begom ceromony zu binden ihn an den Willen des fushi/My people! The servant of our great god Fushi has arrived. Tonight we begin the ceremony to bind him to the will of Fushi!!!” the elder called rallying the village. The villagers all screamed in delight. Kittie remained puzzled.

    “Was zum Teufel redest du/What the hell are you talking about!?!” she shouted. She ran to the elder and grabbed him by his shirt “What are you going to do to him!!” she cried. The elder looked her in the eye,

    “Kommen Sie und ich werde Ihnen zeigen, sein Schicksal/Come and I will show you his destiny,” he said leading her to a hut. Inside was a mural of great size and intricacy. Kittie stared in amazement at it. The elder raised his cane and pointed to the very top of the mural.

    “in the beginning these four were the original guardians of our world. The tiger of the east. The tortoise of the west. The dragon of the north. And the phoenix of the south. Their logic, unflawed. Their power, unimaginable. They over saw our world and bestowed upon it their blessings of the seasons. When their task in creation was complete they left behind offspring to care for this world. Before he left however, the great Fushi bequeath our world with 7 mystical gems that embodied his essence. The pursue of these gems have caused many foolish humans to covet the powers of the gods. Corrupted by their own greed, the humans tainted the decedent of the dragon, Ryuuken. With his corruption the balance of power shifted. The tiger and tortoise have retreated to the lands that best symbolize their territories. Only the phoenix opposed the dragon. It is foretold that a warrior of the land and sky will lead the charge against the dragon and bring about the end of the war of gods,” he explained in English. moving from one well drawn picture to the next. It was a lot for Kittie to absorb,

    “Sie sagte: "Krieger des Landes und des Himmels. " Was meinst du?/you said 'warrior of the land and sky'. What do you mean?” she asked,

    “wie beschrieben. Der Krieger kann auf den Flügeln der Vögel segeln und auf allen Vieren kriechen wie die eines jeden Erde gebunden Kreatur. Der Junge nennt man Sanosuke hat die Flügel eines Vogels und die Züge einer Kitsune. Er ist einzigartig aus diesem Grund. Er ist der Krieger, dass wir seit beten. Die Welt hat gebetet,/as is described. The warrior can sail on the wings of the birds and crawl on all fours like that of any earth bound creature. The boy you call sanosuke, has the wings of a bird and the traits of a kitsune. He is unique for this very reason. He is the warrior that we have been praying for. The world has prayed for,” he said. Kittie's rage grew again.

    “SIE können das nicht zu ihm!! Er sollte die Wahl!/” she shouted. She was immediately backhanded by the elder.

    “Achte auf deine Zunge schmutzig Sie verirren. Damit Sie nicht vergessen, müssen Sie keinen Platz in diesem Dorf. Ihre Meinung zu diesem Thema ist kein wirkliches Verdienst hier/Mind your tongue you filthy stray. Lest you forget, you have no place in this village. Your opinion on the matter is of no real merit here,” he said leaving her in the hut. She tore out of the hut and charged him. Several men holding her down.

    “zurückhalten dieser streunenden zur Post. Bei Sonne untergeht, beginnen wir das Ritual/restrain this stray to the post. At sun down, we begin the ritual,” he said coldly. Kittie glared as she was tied down. She fussed and fought the whole way to the pole before though. The sun set slowly on this village. The sounds of Sansone's screams from the hut as they prepared him for the ceremony didn't seem to end, till they “sedated” him. Kittie relinquished herself to her post during the passing hours. Soon however, sunset was upon them. And the ritual begun. Fire's were lit along the village. In the center, was the massive gathering to a carved statue of the great phoenix. At its feet lay the still unconscious sanosuke. His arms bound above his head. His legs bound at the ankle. He was laying on a slab, unmoving for this part of the ceremony. Kittie was finally untied but remained bound. She was carried to the front of the crowd to bare witness to what was to come. The village elder rose above the boy and addressed his people.

    “meine Freunde, ist die Zeit gekommen, um im Licht dieser Welt einläuten. Er wurde gewählt, um die Welt wieder aus den Fängen der Verdammnis führen. Unser Heiland durch unsere großen Herrn Fushi. Und jetzt beginnen wir das Ritual des Phönix. Bringt die Elemente/my friends, the time has come to usher in the light of this world. He was chosen to lead the world back from the clutches of damnation. Our Saviour through our great lord Fushi. And now, we begin the ritual of the phoenix. Bring forth the elements!!” he called. There were roars all over in delight and great excitement. Kittie looked around struggling against the bindings that held her down. As she struggled, 10 women holding various containers walked past her. They each circled the slab and then vanished back into the crowd. The elder approached the first container and reached in.

    “Fire of the earth, the spark of light. We create fire to scrape at the impending darkness. With this fire we bestow on your body, you shall be the light of the new era,” he said saying a prayer. In his hand was an oil. The crowd grew silent as sanosuke was flipped onto his belly. The elder rubbed the oil on Sanosuke's back, avoiding his wings. He took a torch and held it above Sanosuke's back. “with this, we grant you the protection of fire!” he said jabbing the lit torch into Sanosuke's back. The searing heat of the fire lighting the oil ripped through Sanosuke's body. His eyes snapped open and he screamed in pure agony. The villagers all looked up at the sound of the agonizing scream. Kittie thrashed around screaming.

    “WAS SIE DENKEN SIE tun, um IHN/WHAT DO YOU THINK YOUR DOING TO HIM!?!!?!?!?!” she screamed watching Sanosuke's back burn. The crowd watched in horror as the flames began to burn more intense. Sanosuke screamed till his lungs gave out. The flames lifted on his back and circled around his body. The flames shot into the air and then shot back down in the form of a massive fireball. It struck the poor boy's back and vanished. The crowd looked on as a black line appeared on the back of his neck. Soon a second, third and forth. The black lines formed a symbol. The kanji of fire. The elder smiled wide eyed.

    “Sie sehen, meine Freunde? Er ist unser gewählt Krieger. Bereiten Sie das zweite Element!
    /You see my friends? He is our chosen warrior. Prepare the second element!” he shouted. Two men walked up to sanosuke and held him up. He was panting heavily. Tears of pain streaming down his face. They held his mouth open. The elder approached the next container. He picked it up and began another prayer.

    “water of the river and seas. Life sustaining element of change. With this water you take in, become the being that will change our world,” he said. He started to pour the large container of water down Sanosuke's throat. He started chocking as gallons of water was forced down his gullet. His eyes started to roll to the back of his head when the water shot out of his mouth and into the air. It circled like a serpent and then shot into his back. Another set of lines started appearing above his right shoulder blade. The kanji of water now fully formed. Sanosuke chocked on the remaining water and looked at the elder.

    “please..i don't want...” he said trying to speak. Tears and water dripping down his face.

    “with your accent boy, you shall rescue our world. Your sacrifice now, will not be in vain,” the elder said. He motioned to several kitsune in face paint and feathers as well as their tribal cloths. The two started dancing near the tablet. The crowed backed up and all took a praying pose. Kittie looked around franticly still trying to escape the bindings.

    “Was tun sie/what are they doing!?!?” she questioned and gnashed. The elder looked down at her.

    “sie sind dem Sturm Beschwörer. Wir müssen vererben die Auserwählte mit allen 10 Elementen unserer Welt. Um ihn zu schützen und unsere Zukunft!/they are the storm summoners. We must bequeath the chosen one with all 10 elements of our world. To protect him and our future!” the elder screamed at her. She screamed back.

    “Sie quälen ein unschuldiger Junge, den du gerade erst kennengelernt! Wie rechtfertigen Sie diese
    /you are torturing a innocent boy you just met!!! how do you justify this!?!?” she screamed. The elder payed her no mind as the winds started to pick up violently.

    “Lightning of the violent storm. Electrical master of the world. The the lightning of the storm we give you, become the swift hammer of justice in this world,” the elder called as the sound of thunder claps rang out. He rose his hands and the dancers stopped doing the same. Summoning a massive bolt of lightning to strike the still damp sanosuke. He screamed bloody murder as he was electrocuted with what felt like the force of the earth itself. The lightning and resulting electricity cycled through his body as the kanji of thunder appeared on his back. His body sparked as he dropped to the ground. Wincing and crying. Kittie couldn't take it anymore. Her dark powers erupted from her body and coated the ground in a massive blackness. People screamed in panic and fear as Kittie's eyes grew black. The blackness engulfed her bindings and she ran to sanosuke. Clutching him tightly she cried into his shoulder.

    “Sanosuke! I'm so sorry. I didn't know they would do this to you!!” she cried. But her eyes widened when she heard the elder speak again

    “darkness of the underworld. Unruled opposite of the light. The blackness to act with cold decisive action is given to the Saviour,” he said coldly. Sanosuke's body shot up right. His eyes went white then pure black as the blackness that had swarmed the village all swiftly shot into his body. His skin tainted with the darkness till it focused onto his lower back, to the left of his spine. The kanji of shadow appearing in that spot. Kittie looked at the elder with evil in her eyes.

    “Ich erkannte, wer Sie sind, Yume Morte. Und Sie haben unsere Sache geholfen. Wer sonst die Dunkelheit am besten den Heiland, dann die bösen Menschen auf dem Planeten/i realized who you are, Yume Morte. And you have greatly helped our cause. Who else's darkness best fits the Saviour, then the most malevolent person on the planet?” he said with a wicked grin. Kittie shot up and lunged at him, only to be restrained by the elders underlings once more. She was soundly knocked unconscious for the rest of the ceremony. The hours passed with the collection of the other elements. Stone, metal, ice, wood, wind, and light all remained to be endowed into the young sanosuke. Kittie awoke strapped down again as the next element was selected.

    “wind of the world. Endless free spirit, we request of you. Enable this soul with your might, so that he may blow away the oppression of the old world!” the elder called. Kittie watched as Sanosuke's limp body was hoisted into the air. A sphere of wind encircled the boy. Nearly evacuating all the air from his lungs. As he started chocking, Sanosuke's back once again dawned a new kanji. The kanji of wind appeared below the kanji of thunder and across the kanji of shadow on his lower back. The wind released him onto the stone tablet violently. Sanosuke chocked trying to regain his breath. The elder saying the next prayer without hesitation.

    “earth! Great stone of the planet. The soil from which we walk upon daily. May your steady and strong nature give him the mental fortitude to continue on!” he called. The stone glowed and the kanji appeared on Sanosuke's back. Above the kanji of shadow and across from from the kanji of thunder, it was to be one of the least painful of the elements. The next however was not that forgiving. Three men held sanosuke down as the elder took a steel spike, placing it below the kanji of wind.

    “great and mighty metal. The hardest substance of the world. Grant him the ability to steel his heart to the worlds temptation” he said piercing Sanosuke's back with the spike. He screamed as it was wedged into his skin. Kittie started thrashing but was steadily punched back into a docile manor. The steel spike liquefied and formed the kanji of steel in Sanosuke's back. He panted and could barely register any type of emotion. The elder ordered the men to flip him onto his back. His wings unbound but remainder restrained as ice was placed on his abdomen. As the ice melted another prayer was said.

    “with this ice, we give you the cool you need under pressure. Never shall you loose yourself to the heat of conflict.” the elder said. The melted ice water drizzled down his abdomen and onto his back. Just below the kanji of shadow. Forming the kanji of ice. The village elder gave a nod to the villagers. They all created a path that lead to the forest. Where sanosuke was carried by the village men. The elder accompanied them and gave another prayer as they entered the forest,

    “flesh of the world. The trees and plants. Allow the calm you possess to guide this one to the path of salvation for the world,” he said quietly. Sanosuke was thrown onto the ground. Soon and steadily lifted by the roots of the forest. His body lay limp as the kanji of wood appeared on his back. Above the kanji of shade and across from the kanji of water. They brought him back to the village. Where the last element was to be bestowed. The village was in celebration for the rest of the night. Kittie was still dazed and calling out to Sanosuke. Her lips stained with her own blood from the punches she took. Morning was upon the village finally. The villagers fell silent as the elder said his last prayer,

    “oh heavenly light. We humbly request you grant your glow to this one. And let him be the light of our new world,” the elder said softly. As light hit Sanosuke's body. He started to glow. The kanji of light appeared at the base of his spine. Finally, fire, water, wind, lightning, earth, wood, metal, ice, shadow, and light had been acquired into Sanosuke's body. The village rejoiced as the elder gave a magnificent speech.

    “und mit der Erfüllung der Prophezeiung, werden wir zu einem neuen utopi-/
    and with the fulfillment of the prophecy, we shall be lead to a new utopi-” he started. He was cut off by a horrific sight. Sanosuke's body was glowing with a malevolent light. He got to his knees as his eyes snapped open. They were dyed a deep crimson, the pupils themselves a malefic teal. His fangs grew long as he started to growl. The elder called his men to restrain him. Sanosuke whipped his head at the 4 men and incinerated them with just a glance.

    “what has happened? We gave you all that you require to save us!!” the elder pleaded. He looked at Sanosuke's back as a 11th kanji appeared. It read “reimei/twilight” he glared back at the old man.

    you heeded no plea to stop. You sought out the savoiur for your own purposes. I can sense your malice. Feel your foly as I kill you were you stand”