• Like a couple of times before I could feel myself hovering just above my dead body that Nightshade had killed. Looking atound the room, I waited to let the guards walk by the door. Hovering over to the broom closet I went through it like a ghost. Next thing I know, I came face to face with my body, I thought I had been killed.

    I looked at myself it seemed that I was sleeping, but something was different. Going to touch my bodies face I fel my eyes snap open to hear someone rapping at the door. I thought about the dream for a moment knowing it was just another thing that'd happen. Getting up I went to the door to find A.J.

    "Hey," I greeted

    "Yep, well dinners about to start so I came to get you!" He said happily.

    "Okay!" I said to him. Shutting my door behind me, I began to follow him down the halls of the castle. I began to be able to see the difference in each hall, and how to get to my trainings. We turned a corner where I got a glimpse of a beautiful woman with white hair walk into and room, that's it. "So where have you been?" I asked A.J. seeing as I haven't seen him for a couple of days.

    "Oh just stuff, you know, training, paper work, and getting promoted," He said nonchantly.

    "Ah, okay then," I said not catvhing the last thing. "Wait?! What?! You got promoted?!" Stopping I starred at him with a big grin on my face. "I didn't even know you could get promoted!" I exclaimed.

    "Yeah I'm glad too! I'm actually going to be a captain for this battle against Nightshade.," A.J. said. The realalization didn't really hit me about about us being in a war till now. What if we were killed? I'd loose friends, people who wanted to help, and loved ones. I didn't think I could handle loosing everyhting, just how I thought I lost my dad, but he was in this dimesion. We walked in silence for a while till we got to the dinning hall. A.J. began to walk in till I grabbed his arm. His head turned to look back at me.

    "Tera what's wrong?" A.J. asked looking at my saddened face.

    "It's just ," I paused. "Everyone is going to was, and they might die," I was now starring at my feet like some idiot. I heard A.J. sigh.

    "I know that, but everyone's willing to go die for the better good It's confusing I know but it's to make everything better so this dimension cane have peace," A.J. explained. It did make sense but still it seem wrong.

    "Okay then! That make some sense let's just put it behind us for now kay?" He nodded, seeing that I didn't want to be upsetted further with the conversation. We went into the dinning hall to find most spots taken. I could smell meat cooking inside the kitchen. The smell had my mouth watering at te smell and I could hear A.J. tapping his foot in anticipation. of getting food.

    "What are they cooking? It smells deliscious!" I said to A.J. for like the twenty-eth time today.

    A.J. chuckled. "Today I believe it's roast beef and veggies! Mmmmhhhmmm!" A.J. grabbed a bowl for himslef as he said this. I watched him go find a table as I grabbed my food also. As I began to walk towards our table a door slammed open with a gorilla of a guy stomp out of the room. Not noticing me he triped me, causing all of my food to spill on my shirt and pants.

    "Watch where you're going!" He yelled at me. I just sat starring up at his glaring face when I saw A.J. run over.

    "Hey! You do know who she is right?" A.J. yelled at him. The gorilla like guy only turned his head to stare daggers at him.

    "I don't care who she is! I was suppose to be captain! And who get it?! You a little pip-squeak teenager that doesn't have any special powers except shileds. He then grabed A.J. by the colar of his shirt and lifted him at least a foot off the ground. "You listen to me boy. Stay out of my way or I will kill you."

    "Treader! Put A.J. down!" I heard a very serious woman's voice come from behind me. Turning around a bit I found the same young looking woman from earlier with the white hair. I couldn't take my eyes off from her she just had that sort of look to her you couldn't look away from her.

    A.J. made a sound as he fell to the ground now at the same level as me, on our butts.

    "Solara," This supposed Treader person said, the name like he was in major trouble.

    "You do know that I don't stand violence to our fellow guardians. Correct?" She was starring him down. The more she starred the more nervous he became.

    "He's the one who started it! A.J. was ordering me around, telling me to so stuff, cause he's captain!" Treader was lying through his teeth.

    "That's not true!" A.J. yelled back looking frantically to Solara.

    "Is this true Treader?" Solara asked.

    "Yes it is!" I could see the happiness in his eyes that he hadn't been caught , but also that A.J. was desperate for some one to tell the truth.

    "Then why is my successor on the ground covered in stew, Treader?" She raised a single eyebrow , while displaying a hand towards me.

    "Uh,, well. uhm..............." Treader had become pressured.

    "I want to hear it from her view of what happened not your lies ," Solara knew he had been lying all along. She turned to look at me , Treaders eyes became full of fear at the moment. "Go on Tera tell me," she said. I just sat there I explained what had happened.

    "Well A.J. had just gotten us a tabel, whne I was getting food and when I was almost to the table, this giant," I said glarring at Treader," knocked me over spilling my food. A.J. then came over to help me when Treader grabbed him by the colar saying he should have been captain ans not him, ans he said a pip-sueak teenager shouldn't be captain. Then you came in," I said finishing the story that
    Solara asked for.

    "Treader you don't know why I chose A.J. instead of you. He actually uses his head instead of just charging inot a war like some suicidle maniac," Solara didn't say it in a mean way, just that she said it for somehting that Treader dind't understand. "As for knocking down my successor Treader, you need to be less aggressive and actually be more helpful."

    He growled at the coment but bowed respectfully back at her. He left immediatly after. I saw a hand infront of my face only to look up and see Solara. "Now why don't we get you cleaned up?" Solara pulled me up, only to make a distasteful clicking sound with her tongue. "Oh what a waste of food. Anywasy come on we'll get your clothes cleaned. A.J. you can come alog if you want?" She asked.

    "No I'm fine I actually have a meeting pretty soon so I'll just stay back," A.J. was turning around heading towards the door Treader had came out of. I started feeling like a fool for standing with the semi warm food still covering me.

    "Okay then can I go clean up now i think I have people starring at me," I started heading out the door. I didn't know where to go to clean up so I stood in the hallway, like a lost puppy. Hearing footsteps I looked up to see Solara, the woman I was going to replace.

    "Come on follow me. I told you I'd get you cleaned up didn't I?" She asked raising an eyeborw at me.