• Elena wakes up in Times Square and sees everything is destroyed. She gets up and starts to walk she only heard silence nothing else, she continued to walk the city no one was around.
    "Where is everyone." She said silently there was a loud bang she jumped she turns around and sees a huge beast looking at her with huge glowing red eyes. She only heard her heart pounding against her cheast and gulped, she stood very still. The beast started to walk to her, drooling. It was hungry. She looks to her left and right in her perifreal vision nowhere to hide. The beast got closer and closer once it was only 10 feet away it jumped towerds her she screamed and heard it land with a loud crash she looks up and sees it dead. It was only 3 feet away there stood a man wearing a black cloke holding a sword it was covered in the beast's blood. The man lookes at her and says
    Are you ok little girl? he said in a rough voice
    "Y..yes" she stamered
    Good Then he jumped in the air and landed on two story building 200 feet away and said
    "You cant stay here the creatures will get you. Head to the statue of librity. You will met me and a few others able to fight these things" then he was gone.