• Tsunayoshi was sitting around on break. She was thinking about what she would do for Valentines Day. She sighed. 'I bet he doesn't even like me...'she thought. She sighed again. She stood up and started walking around Resurgam's garden.

    "Ugh! Perché sono così ossessionato su questo!?" She yelled to herself. She walked around the garden, angry at herself. But,her to dumb to notice, someone was there watching her every step, looking at her weirdly. She sighed(for the third time). She looked at the flowers. 'Maybe I should just go home...' she thought. She turned around and saw CR-SO1 sanding right behind her. She shrieked and fell into the bushes.

    CR-SO1 said, "A-are you alright!?" and helped her up. She dusted off her clothes. "S-sorry about that, I didn't mean to scare you." he said. "I-it's okay..." she answered, but didn't look at his face. "Is something wrong...?" he asked her. "O-oh no! It's nothing!" she said quickly. She turned around. "I-I have some errands to run so if you excu--" She tripped over her foot and fell head first into the grass. CR-SO1 just stared at her.